Corrupted save ! pleas help


After a crash at a very end of chapter 5 from Act I, probably during the autosave process, it seems I have a corrupted save as I’m now unable to load it
(when pressing continue on the main menu, after few seconds, the game returns to this menu again, and when trying to load it manually, it does almost the same)

This is a very annoying issue.
I reported it on zendesk (issue #38985) on May, 15th after trying many things on my side.
I can’t play the game since 2 weeks and I’m very ad about that.

Does someone have a workaround ?
Isn’t there any way developers or someone can provide to me a save to bring me directly to chapter 5, Act I so I don’t have to replay everything from start to continue the game (because before that I was really enjoying it…)

Please provide any help.

Thanks !


I had a similar issue - CTD during a checkpoint load that seems to have corrupted the save. Attempting to load the save causes a crash with no error code, just a generic “program has stopped responding” Windows message. I submitted a ticket on May 8th, and then tried posting here on the 14th. No response to either.

EDIT - @DZ8326

On a lark, I checked the save game folder (found the location in an earlier thread on this forum: “Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\YourUserIDNumbersHere\1184050\remote”). It looks like they don’t overwrite saves immediately, Based on the time stamp in game, I was able to ID which save it thought was the one to use (for whatever reason there was a 1 hour difference between the game’s time stamp, and the date modified of the save file). In my case, it was “GearGameSaveGame_Slot_3”. I renamed this to “GearGameSaveGame_Slot_3_old”, and then copied the “GearGameSave_Slot_2” file, pasted it, and renamed it to “GearGameSaveGame_Slot_3”.

The game loads fine now, though it’s from mission start instead of the checkpoint I crashed on. A little lost progress, but the same mission at least.

Unfortunately I’m using a Microsoft Store version using Gamepass. I don’t know how I can recover saves from it.
It’s very sad that developers didn’t implemented any kind of protection to prevent having a partial save before removing the previous one (especially considering how easy it is to crash in this game…)