Corrupted File Fix

This may only work if you purchased the game through the microsoft store! Also this will reset you at your current mission and you will lose checkpoints or at least I did. But this is way better than restarting your entire campaign!

  1. Go to:

  2. Delete the first 2 documents and then restart the application! & continue campaign and it should work like it did for me!

I hope this helps you as it did me!

As soon as I read that some people had corrupted saves I started looking for a safety measure. Couldn’t find one by myself but the community came to the rescue.

An auto save system without the possibility to manually save into a different slot means your only backup is manually copying those sneaky files and store them somewhere else. Save locations for both Steam and Win Store versions.

I try with my game on Microsoft store but nothing change :frowning:

It Works! It Works for me, thanks man you save my game!