Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Gamepass is why TC is greedy

Oops. I stand corrected on Gears 3’s Season Pass then, guess I remembered wrong.

Gears 4 however…

  • Many of those cards that you can scrap for now weren’t scrapable until the latter half of Gears 4’s life cycle. Those packs were only available for either a weekend or a week (possibly 2 at times).

  • It took a long outcry for credit adjustments in Versus to be more generous; Horde was the optimal way to grind credits because Vs. matches gave you chump change. Horde would get monotonous really fast.

  • The scrap would have been best to invest in skill cards for horde to be able to have an easier time grinding Insane mode for credits and get the scrap from the packs, so scrapping would have to be an afterthought.

Gears 4’s monetization was just…awful. Truly, truly awful. The scrap system was basically spending your wages at the workplace to better grind more credits to roll the dice again. It’s absolute madness.

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There’s nothing wrong with monetising a game for post launch support. I’m more than happy to contribute to the store if it gives one of my favourite games longevity. The coalition are taking the piss though how it currently stands.

Microsoft want their games to have microtransactions which in turn gives the game long term support. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially given the fact there’s no season pass, map packs etc.

However this is all on the coalition. It’s them who chooses what goes in the store and for how much. They are the ones cutting content and are drip feeding it to us. They like to make a point that stuff was created post launch in the store but as we all know that gears 2 curb stomp has been in the game since the beta.

100% that game pass has lead to the game being monetised but there’s no good reason other than greed on TCs part to abusive it’s player base as much as they have. Fear of missing out. Splitting weapon packs between multiple purchases. Only part of weapon skin sets are gonna be in the tour for operation 2 and if you haven’t already purchased the rest then you’re S.O.L.

Look at that BS with the onyx guard. We’re gonna have to grind once again in the tour to unlock him. Fair enough, something cool to look forward to. HOLD UP though. He’s just a skin for the COG gear. So we’re either gonna have to grind for that character first, but seeing as I only play versus that’s gonna be impossible. So I’ll have pay for to unlock him. All so I can access a skin I would have already unlocked, such disgusting practices by the coalition.


Grinding COG takes maybe 8 hours max if you have no idea what you’re doing, a couple hourd less if you do. The amount of grind in the hopes to get a character in 4 was twice that. With no guarantee you’ll get them in a pack at all.

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I’ve only got a few hours every other day and all I want to play is ranked execution. I couldn’t care less about completing 18 rounds of Escape or 60 rounds of Horde zzzzz. It took me several days of ranked play just to meet the require 60,000 xp bounty for one token.

So I’ll play through operation 2 and no doubt grind my way through the tour. I’ll unlock onyx guard but I’ll only be able to use him if I pay for COG gear. :man_shrugging:t2:

season pass worth the money LMAO, season passes are a waste of time and money, for something that everyone eventually gets for nothing or less if they are dumb enough to buy micro transactions

You know developers get paid to have their games on game pass TC has no excuse for how they decided to release this (in my opinion) unfinished product


Gears 4’s season pass was worth it???


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Paid DLC only works for massive games, paid maps on this and your be playing TDM with the same other 9 people that bought it over and over again. This is by far a better method when done correctly, but ofc it hasn’t been…

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Nothing new here OP. Been saying something similar regarding Gears5 and GP for months now.

MS now has an excuse to go full force with their monetization and treating all their IPs like f2p games; the Gamepass. And if you guys think this is bad, wait till you see what they’ve got in store for us in the near future with Halo Infinite. A game that has already been confirmed to be a game as a service and have a similar structure to the Destiny franchise. You can also tell just by looking at what they’ve got Ninja Theory working on what the future will look like in terms of MS IPs.

So sit back, relax, and clench your butt cheeks as tight as possible cause next gen is going to be a long and bumpy ride for most people who aren’t accustomed to games that are heavily monetized.

And something tells me Gears6 is going to be much, muuuuuuuch worst…

I honestly don’t know how people are defending this current system? It kinda baffles me lol

Game pass games don’t include season passes or dlcs unless it’s in the context of something like Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

Bruh, this coming from the guy who defends RNG lootboxes?

Don’t get me wrong, not defending the pricing, but for you to say that…?

I rather have loot boxes then this. Atleast you got in game currency after every game and was easliy able to save up 10k for an elite box . I never spent money on gears 4 bc cosemetics were easliy obtained. I think TC saw this with gears 4 and raised the bar so people would buy from their store. I don’t mind a store for mtx in the game like 4 bc it wasn’t extreme and it was strictly optional if you wanted to get skins faster. Now with this system it’s still optional but you won’t get a lot of skins and the store is also timed sensitive so everything is the store is gone after a week. With lootboxes every skin would always be obtainable.

Yes yes, we’ve heard your song and dance countless times.

“Too bad” TC and the rest of the industry is moving away from that monetization model, and it will go the way of the dodo.

Well I am correct on this. Also Sony and Nintendo are doing it right , those two companies have my trust that they will keep the game industry as it always had . There are some in Sony but they are not the bad . This is the worst exclusive triple AAA game I ever seen with this bad of mtx.

Thats not true at all Forza Horizon 4 has DLC

Nah, you’re opinion on a monetization model isn’t a fact…

Regardless of what Sony and Nintendo are doing, the industry as a whole is moving away from RNG lootboxes due to all the bad rap that comes with it and every government body on the planet looking into its effects on children and people with gambling problems and compulsive behavior. Only studios I see backing the system are EA, for obvious reasons, and Korean/Chinese devs with their f2p MMOs and mobile games. Just say buh bye to them and move on.

Also, Nintendo and Sony focus more on SP games rather than competitive online games, which are harder to monetize. Which is why their games aren’t riddled with MTs. And the few they have that have a popular online component are monetized (see SSB character DLCs as an example). They’re not as aggressive, but they’re there. But when it comes to Gears5, they’re on par with the rest of the industry.

Well this is the lowest in console history , this is worst norm there has ever been. Also Nintendo and Sony are consumer friendly and realize since they are consumer friendly more people buy their products , just look at this gen and you can see the difference .

The way the console sales went had nothing to do with how their games were monetized. It was due to the fact that MS fumbled its console launch and Sony gained a huge momentum due to that. That and the fact that the PS4 was ultimately superior spec wise compared to the Xbox One and sold at the same price.

You haven’t played many games if you think this is the lowest.

You dont need to justify 3 …it was good value all round…4 not great but peeps got plenty of content…there’s simply no defending 5s poor release and trying to squeeze every last penny out of people.

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