Core Weapon Tuning Question

Do any of the changes in the competitive weapon tuning ever make it into the core weapon tuning? For example, would these two changes from competitive 2.8 ever be added to core:

  • Shotgun Bloom was removed for moving, turning and standing states to make it a consistent shot pattern.

  • Disabled auto-aim for a short time after a slide cancel, requiring players to be more accurate with their aim while wall bouncing. This is due to the other changes that decreased bloom on the shotgun overall, making shots more accurate in general.

Thank you

I think we can only hope that 2.8 reflects a universal tuning they’re working on for gears 5.
I doubt they’re touching Core in Gears 4 ever again.

Yes, Nodezero has said on Twitter a couple of times that the changes in 2.8 would make its way to Core. Specifically, he metioned the reduced wallbounce delay and health regen change. So those aspects (and others) of 2.8 will make it into Core at some point, probably.

Not sure about the bloom because hardaims are already very strong.

Couldn’t be bothered to find the tweet about wallbounce delay and regen, but here is one example: