Core Rankings Progression


I was wonder if it effects your ranking when people quit in Core, KOTH, TDM etc? I ask because i have often been down to 2 players because frankly we are out matched in skill and ping lol. I stay in it no matter what but get my blank handed to me. Is it worth it?

Should i quit?
Does it help or hurt my ranking progression.?

I was under the impression it didn’t. But the other day a friend and I played king of the hill. He is an onyx 1 and I am an onyx 3. We played a team of diamonds and onyx 3’s. 2 people quit out in the first minute of round one and a 3rd quit at the begging of round 3. We obviously got stomped and my rank went down 20%. I was not very happy with this and it made me kind of say screw it and not care anymore.

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Bro, your new avi… :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


If the round has started and people quit and you get “stomped” on then you have to accept the % loss on this.

The following round, the game will recalculate and not expect you to perform much or win.


So it sounds like its better to quit then? There is no quit penalty and nothing to calculate on the loss?

I guess pick your pain get humiliated as the other team really is having fun with you and all five are looking for the kill. Stay in and take the loss…

I guess you can try and get kills but it looks at the whole game not just K/D


I would never quit or advise this.

I just mean that the game will recognise other quitters and re-adjust for the next rounds.

If you quit, you will more than likely see a drop in rank, either immediately or after the next match completion.

Your best option is to try and do the best you can.

If you manage to win with a player down, this will massively boost your own skill rating and rank.


Thanks. I wish i was remotely that good. I still struggle on why when it appears my shots land they do not. Core is better Competitive is a night mare.

Thanks for the advice. I fight to the end then LOL

It’s always a combination of practice and also thinking about what you are doing. Always have a plan or strategy, anticipate what the other person might do and don’t be predictable. Again, comes with practice and patience and you can get there. Remember, there are future Gears of War masters who haven’t even played the game yet so you’ve got every chance to do it.

What you see locally and instantly, might not be what the server sees due to the lag. So don’t always take this as an indication of “something is wrong” - it’s just the way it works. I always try and shoot ahead slightly of my opponent to compensate for this, ever so slightly.


No problem :+1: