Core/Competitive Toxicity

I have no idea what it is about the online scene in this game, especially Escalation. The player base is insanely toxic. From t-bagging to constant lancing and y-buttoning(you know what it is). The online community is, for lack of better word, cancerous. Not to mention the inconsistent settings plus the fact that that next to no disciplinary actions are ever taken make playing the game very discouraging (although that may be moreso on Microsoft’s end)

It’s competitive, you’re meant to use the Lancer?


What’s wrong with the lancer? Or do you mean lancering for the dnbo just so they can do the extended execution? Many do it to throw others off their game and make them rage. Also keeps a potential better player out for longer. From what I have read.

If it’s in the game then it’s fair game IMO…it’s made for a reason

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The only thing wrong with competitive (other than wait times) for me is that people are d-bags. Lancers are a big part of what gears of war is. Its been on the cover of every game!! lol Can’t complain about that gun being used, it’s silly.

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I always find that one player who uses text chat to call others names and say they’re terrible. The names they use are so off the wall that it’s ridiculous. I don’t mind it myself but I do have to admit these players need to grow up. Telling someone to eat their… you use your imagination for the rest isn’t acceptable behavior.

Agree mate. I have the text speak timed at 1 or 0, can’t remember which. Point being I do not see it on screen. I also mute the opposition right from the off.

Re banter and jokes, yes and no. You do get some VILE stuff said and typed in screen, that has no place. Be it extremely homophobic, sexist, racist etc.
As for teabagging etc, I hate it and don’t do it, but I do agree with you to a point on that one, that is part of some players game and they do it, to wind “you” up of course.

My biggest issue with the lancer is the over use of it. Damage wise, it’s not bad in competitive, however it’s incredibly frustrating when full teams refuse to pull out the gnasher at close ranges

I don’t have a problem with lancers it’s a part of the game but I do agree with the tea bagging and inconsistent hit boxes.

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Game of Escalation yesterday. During game for this message:

(Him) id slap you 10-0 in a 1v your gash

If I am gash, which may be true, then Obviously I was still doing something right/not gash, to get under his skin!

(Me) i was going to say well played, but ok.

He had the highest kills in the Match, over 40, I had under 30 BUT that is not the game.

We went on to win 7-3 after being 3-2 down. Everyone stayed in game on both teams!

(Me)gg :laughing::+1::facepunch:

(Him) lucky im solo :laughing::laughing::laughing:

(Me) …I must have upset you. was it the last 3 kills I got v you ? Only a game mate,chin up

(Me)…I was also solo. totally got way more kills than me BUT you didnt win, dont be so sore and aggressive.

Escalation is the LEAST toxic mode in my experience.
For some reason, Execution is one of the worst. I don’t know why people are so emotional in that mode. It’s as bad as social, which is a toilet itself.

This game is 98% mental… be more intelligent… absolutely lancer them, pistol, use smoke tactics… if it’s “too complex” then that’s what friends & a 5 man is for… good luck but complaining never will fix a thing. Easy to type, hard to practice & grind… this game is at its best I’ve seen it. Maybe core is the only game mode you should navigate. Good luck though.

Oh, and only when you stoop to their level is the only, ONLY way you let them win. Pointless people like that don’t deserve a reply… right? You know better. Difference in taking a stand for yourself, and feeding negative toxic, very sad individuals. That person immediately exposed to you that he/she is a very very weak person in reality, and it’s probably a child… lolz I’m done…

I tend to agree, but it is still there.
Team mate was berating us yesterday. I mean full on rage, calling us all the names under the sun. I had a headset on and would usually reply, just couldn’t be bothered on that occasion.
He was the most skilled player out of what I assume was me and 3 other solo players.
We got beat 2 games to nil and some of our team were not doing “their job” but I think it was more an awful matchmaking game than out and out performance.
On a positive note had a great game earlier 7-5 win and everyone stayed :+1:
Not even one shi___ message either.

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It’s a weird thing. I’m known for coaching my team on and lighting a fire under their ***es. I NEVER insult them though. Just make calls and urge them on. Even some healthy pressure.

What I don’t get are these guys who think bashing their teammates will accomplish anything positive. Seems like an extremely ignorant thing to do. Especially if they are so obsessed with winning.

I’m respectful of the fact that not everyone is on the same level. When I go solo, Some of my friends are diamond masters. It’s common for me to MVP a couple solo matches, then join friends and be at the bottom. I have no ego in regards to my gears skill. I won’t make anyone else feel bad for their skill level. Including my friend PrincessKitty who spent her first 3 months on gears just chainsawing only. As long as people try that’s all that matters, IMO.


Being unable to manually block and exclude from matchmaking certain players is a big fail for Microsoft. Maybe TC can make some internal block option for the MP part of the game??

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Gears arguably has one of if not the most toxic communities.

Uh… yeah. I’ve seen less from the CoD community.