“Cooperation” card for tactician class

Is this the new “called shot” (for sniper) card back in gears 4?

“Cooperation” which gives 30% additional damage to teammates attacking your marked target."

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It effectively works the same way, yes. Although from the description it sounds like it’ll only work for teammates rather than yourself if you use it, still might be a very useful skill for bosses and minibosses(and other dangerous bigger enemies) regardless.

It also remains to be seen if it’s actually a 30% damage boost or way more than what the description says because there is no way I would take a Carrier on Incon Horde as a Scout from nearly full health to zero in one Dropshot while it was marked with Called Shot.

I hope so. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be recharge bounty card where it only worked for Keegan.

Recharge Bounty does work for everyone though.

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I swear at one point during the op it never did work for the team. It only worked for Keegan

Don’t remember so. I just know it used to be or could sometimes still bug out executing inert/inactive Rejects marked by Keegan.

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I really wonder if it works like the Calledshot in Gears 4 because Calledshot wasn’t simply
a 40% additional Damage it made everyones base Damage stronger plus stacked with other Buffs.
For Exsample a Sniper using Headshot Damage 120% with Presicion Rifle 60% it was 40% from those 180% Dmg so it was actually 72% more Damage - not 120% + 60% + 40%
Which was the Reason why Calledshot was so powerful for everyone.

At least in the middle of all the stupid changes, they always seemed to love Keegan haven’t they? He’s gotten stronger pretty much every update, even as the other two hivebusters received big nerfs. I also benefit seeing as Keegan is one of my most-played characters. So, if there’s any bright side to the nerfs, for me it’s this.

edit: realize I need to stop calling them by their name soon. Sorry, gonna take me a while to adjust.

Not really. The ammo capacity has been replaced for health perk for tactician class. Not angry, just disappointed how they approached this. Love to know which genius thought this would be great idea to replace that lol.


When playing with a decent team, the ammo capacity perk was really not necessary IMO. I was fine without it as by the time I emptied my 3 booms and 4 drops, plus any frags, I’d get my ulti back anyway. And then I’d be able to send a volley of like 50 booms with the speedloader and take out any boss. I didn’t even take ammo capacity when I played horde half the time. Plus, that doesn’t even apply to Escape. When considering Escape only, all that’s changing is he’s gaining a new, powerful card . I’d say with the 30% bonus to teammates card, he’s come out on top again in all this.

You got to level it up too much before ammo count becomes effective for me

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I’m less annoyed by this change to Keegan as he has his Ammo Resupply which can recharge pretty quickly. I’m more annoyed about JD’s explosive capacity being reduced. I think it just imbalances JD so much. I mean Keegan was strengthened so much in Op 4 while JD was weakened a bit (but in my view JD was still a decent and strong character). Now it seems like JD is much less viable. Ultimate ability aside. The grenade planting is a nice touch but I’m very sceptical as to how much of an impact it will have. I get the sense grenade plants generally aren’t as effective in GOW4.

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You know, I was also thinking with his new cooperation card, Keeg/Tactician will be even more a staple in good teams than he was before. For example, Fahz/Marksman and Kait/Infiltrator gonna need him around just to make up for the damage lost with their nerfs. Fahz/Mark can still one-shot the Scions in Escape so long as Keeg/Tact marked 'em, I believe. Kait/Infil overkill at range might still be decent if shooting a target Keeg/Tact bled and marked already.

If you add the interrogation card along with cooperation, hopefully, all targets that have been marked are 30% damage.

No Chrome Steel yet, only 1 skin so far which was good at least. And with OP4 they nerfed his bleed to keep him in line with JD making him significantly worse in Escape. At least JD is on the recieving end this time.

Interrogation only lasts 12 seconds before the mark disappears again.

I’ve recently started using the Eagle Eyes card when playing as Keegan so I can mark 7 targets. However I thought I’d be able to spam the right thumb stick to mark them all in quick succession but it appears I still have to wait about a second in between each one. Am I doing it wrong, or is this just how it is? And would you say Eagles Eyes is better or worse than Interrogation? Interrogation can mark more, and automatically, but you need to do the meatshield first which is easier said than done on Masters.

Yeah totally. I’d prefer Coop + Eagle eyes combo for sure just for the utility of it.

I have the same experience. Marking with Eagle Eyes is not a smooth process. I’d even call it a bit finicky. In practical use, I find it challenging to mark very many targets because of the delay, which requires me to take breaks between firing.

Its been like that since gears 4

I dont know if you can even get to the seventh mark before your older marks fade away