Coop vs Ai... why?

When i want play and have fun simply, i go in Coop vs Ai mode… Just for play without difficulties. 5 min for pure fun… Cool and relax.

But since Op 3, Ai have very changed.
In recruit level, Ai is become very too strong !
Not fun, just raging… They kill a lot with few bullets of lancers… or one shot with gnasher.

Hey oh, TC, it’s small level : recruit !
What have you done again ?
Why do you have broken the game, more and more ?

You have serious problems at TC…


Really, Gears 5 become a very bad trip.


Can I get an amen?


It was already a stupid decision to create that many difficulties. Too many empty lobbies. Casual, normal, hardcore and insane…clean and smooth. And casual should mean casual. They should go back to gears 3 and see what that means.

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This game is driving me crazy, my shots are not coming out, it only happens sometimes, but it hurts when you have the enemy in your face, I am supposed to die but no, because TC decided to ■■■■ the # @ # * shotgun.