Cool new execution and some weapon skins. (IDEAS)

Execution: Levitation, Your character levitates your victim and uses the lancer to rip them to shreds.

As for the skins there are 5 sets.

Carnage Skins

Lancer: get 10,000 elims
Gnasher: get 45,000 elims
Snub: get 2,500 elims
Boltok: get 4,000 elims
Talon: get 1,500 elims
Longshot: get 8,000 elims
Markza: get 6,500 elims
Claw: get 2,750 elims
Overkill: get 1,650 elims
Enforcer: get 7,000 elims
Breaker: get 9,000 elims
EMBAR: get 8,500 elims
Hammerburst: get 20,000 elims
Retro Lancer: get 15,000 elims
Dropshot: get 25,000 elims
Boomshot: get 25,500 elims
Lancer GL: get 30,000 elims
Torque Bow: get 1,750 elims

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No offence but is this a joke?

We already havee that execution.

Those kills r also too extreme

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nowadays there are a lot of comedians in these forums man @eviljas247


Yeah they are but for horde, it can be doable. It’s certainly not something I would actively grind for. It would be more like something I unlock while I was playing the game.

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