Cool down for Ultimates

I’ve noticed whilst playing as JD that the amount of time between each Ultimate cool down seems to vary significantly throughout the game. Typically his artillery strike will be available about three waves after I previously used it but on some occasions it’s been available in the next wave and twice I’ve even been able to use it two times in the same wave.

Does this mean that the amount of damage dealt by JD’s Ultimate affect the cool down time required to use it again or is this just another glitch in the game?

I’ve also experienced the same thing with Kait’s Ultimate, normally it’s available every other wave but every now and then it can be used in consecutive waves.

Have you considered that waves lasting longer has to do with this? I haven’t figured out how long cooldowns last exactly, but some waves take a bit of time to complete which allows certain ones to be ready again by the next wave or even within the same wave. Kait’s doesn’t seem to take that long to recharge, certainly a lot less long than JDs.

No it definitely wasn’t the wave lasting longer than normal as I got to use JD’s Ultimate twice in the space of a couple of minutes .

It feels like damage/kills reduces the cool down time but can’t find any info confirming whether or not this is the case.

I’ve barely touched horde so bear that in mind but I know in escape, you can decrease ultimate cooldowns of other teammates. For example Keegan has a card that will reduce the ultimate cooldown of anyone who gets a kill on his mark. So maybe that’s whats going on? I’d check out other people’s cards.

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After upgrading Razor Hail to level four, I’m pretty much convinced now that the more damage I inflict on the Horde the quicker JD’s Ultimate becomes available to be used.

Got to use it twice in most boss waves today & on average it was available every other wave .

It is same for me too. Last time my JD’s cooldown filled from 20% to 80% instantly at the boss wave - Swarmak.
And I used 2nd Artillery Strike on the other Swarmak at same boss wave.

Most probably, damage receive or something increases the cooldown speed.
I am wondering the reason as well.

Yep damage definitely reduces the cooldown time on ultimates, in a master difficulty game I used JD’s ultimate 3 times during wave 50 :joy: and I wasn’t using JD’s legendary card to speed up the cooldown time.

Just wish there was more transparency from TC regarding the mechanics of Horde mode, there’s so many things we end up finding out randomly either via our own gameplay experiences or other Horde players.

It might be a hidden rule that dmg reduces cds for all classes. I know some classes have skills that reduce cd depending on what you do. CoG for example has a perk that reduces his cd really fast every time he gets a grenade kill.

I think it does apply to all classes, it’s just much more noticeable with JD due to his damage output.

Definitely seen the same pattern with Kait & Cog Gear (when using tri-shot), when I’ve done high levels of damage with these characters their Ultimate has been available in consecutive waves (rather than every two/three waves).

Actually thinking about it Jack’s ultimate has also had a much quicker cooldown when I’ve done an above average amount of damage via his ultimate and/or taser.