Convert scrap to coins

Can we convert scrap to coins. I got too much scrap as I buy packs every week.


I wonder how much 90,000 Scrap would get me,

Knowing TC, about 9,000 Cr :sweat_smile:


I will take it :slight_smile:

Aha if only you could gift to others :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m sure when eSports 11 comes out, I’ll have well over 100,000 :raised_hands:

There are no coins in GOW 4. If you mean credits, then you probably won’t receive a lot at all. Just like you spend 40 scrap to make a common bounty, you only get 5 back if you scrap it

Isn’t it like 40scrap or so to craft a 150credit win at koth or whatever card, so over time those 90000scrap could equal close to 300,000 coins/credits, if you care to do that, that is, so going on what you could obtain with it id say a straight swap deal was fair

It takes ALOT to amass 90k scrap, 90k credits is fairly easily obtained


Or just allow lootbox purchases with scrap aswell for those who CBA to inflate it’s value buying cards

If TC were smart they would have sold scrap for cash. They would have raked in a fortune. The only reason I ever get packs (with credits) IS for the scrap to level up my horde cards.

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Don’t care about credits either.

Had over 300,000 before Lambent pack and now back up to 250,000.

There’s no incentive to get Credits or Scrap if you don’t play Horde and purchase eSports Packs.

Should be like 4500 because credit is more important than scrap and shouldnt really acquired easily by scrap.

On a side note i wish Gears would have used a more lore friendly currency instead of the generic “scrap” garbage

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Hehe would loved that :stuck_out_tongue:

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that would be sweet!!