Controller settings

Hey guys! I wanted to ask just for your advice and opinions.

I play on Xbox, with a controller and I’ve always played with all my settings on default.

I was wondering would it benefit my gaming capabilities if I changed to different settings or does it just depend?

I’ve been considering learning and adapting to new settings and just would like some input.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Give classic-alt controller setting a try. It splits roadie and evade (onto X) from slide (still on A). It allows you to slide more consistently without miss rolling all the time.
Watch out though. Evade from cover is still available on A. Why? No one knows.
You’ll get used to using X to dive off cover and then the A prompt will catch you unawares.

I think it also changes the response time on the buttons to be ‘on press’ rather than ‘on release’, TC became aware of this issue on default and may have fixed default to match classic-alt ( I cant remember).

If you are talking more general settings. Up your senstivity, get it as fast as is comfortable. Look at pushing your inner deadzone down as low as your controller will let you. zero is desirable, but depends on your pads wear. If your cursor is moving without touching the stick bring it back up until it doesn’t.

Have a go with remapping the A button to a shoulder button so you can slide and keep your thumb on the right stick. Effectively letting you play claw ( I dont like this personally, but love A on a paddle when i’ve used elite pads).



I have an Elite so I have Two “A’s” one normal A and one for LB.

My LB is moved to a back paddle.

Apart from that, it’s default.

The other thing is for Sensitivity, that’s where you can really get a custom feel for the game.

Just try increasing slowly and play, see what works.

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hi man @QueenOfOblivi0n

the answer its simple , as long as you know how to use the freedom lancer that’s about it, you don’t need anything else.

Michael Jordan never needed to change brand of basketball balls, he only needed how to shoot to the hoop .so there it is :slight_smile:

you know how to use freedom lancer then you are michael jordan man :slight_smile: