Controller pluged into PC audio bug

I know many people have talked about it already and it may not be high on TC’s TO DO list, but does anyone know if they plan on fixing the stuttering audio issue when plugged into a controller on pc? I moved my pre-built PC into a new case because i upgraded my GPU and the old one had horrible air flow. because of my motherboard’s proprietary ports, i don’t have front USBs or audio jacks until i figure something out sp i cant plug my headphones in unless i go through the back which would require extensions and a splitter. i don’t want to be crowded with cables.


@TC_Sera any updates or news on this?

not that i know of. im currently reading the patch notes for op4 but im not done yet. im hoping something is in there about it.

They might have some progress on it internally, but have not seen anything about it in the patch notes

Dam that sucks. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. I found an adapter for my front audio but they are all in china and estimated arrival for all of them are late August to early/mid September :disappointed:

Updates just went live - please check if you are still having the issue.

I know you’ve seen that the patch notes don’t say anything about them, but just in case it’s done something… like the Fonz smacking the jukebox.

If it is still happening, please put in a support ticket (if you haven’t already).

Get a wireless headset. Don’t be cheap!

I’m having trouble loading the game but i will see if it has gotten fixed with the update as well. i just finished re downloading. I’ll let everyone know.

Also, @OxSIDExEROUS everyone’s situation is different. i already have TB Elite pros and i don’t want to buy another headset because one game has a bug. being cheap isn’t even the issue. and like i said everyone’s situation is different. what if i cant afford to buy a new headset? its my fault?


The audio problem is there. The new patch didn’t fix it (and doesn’t mention it). Opening a ticket

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Could you guys look into the random crashing bug that’s on the Window’s version of game?

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If you haven’t yet, please submit a ticket

I submitted ticket.i just downloaded the latest drivers and it still crashed and is giving me the same messages. I really hope this gets fixed soon. I really hope i didn’t upgrade my PC to run gears for nothing

Are you also playing on the Window Store version?

yea i am. is there another way to download it?

There’s the steam version but it’s $60 and it doesn’t crash as often

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There’s also the Xbox pc app version but alas that’s the 1 I’ve got and it doesn’t matter if I use my headset wired/wireless, in the audio jack or in the Xbox pad, or the 2nd set I bought just for gears, that also has all the same problems, since day1 I’ve not been able to play with a group since I can’t equip a Mic and still hear the game, really annoying :expressionless: