Controller only option

Would it be possible to have controller only lobbies for both xbox and pc rather that xbox players being able to turn off pc players? Or at least individual weapon settings, mostly gnasher and precision rifles needing two different setups but obviously a mouse can have instantly both,
by the way I am a pc player but use controller so wish to keep playing along side xbox as they are a big player base keeping the game alive .


Agreed. I’ve seen an increasing number of players in the past week or two using that left hand: controller, right hand: mouse setup and it’s disgusting and super OP. When you watch kill-cam you know exactly who’s using it by how they move/aim and it’s starting to ruin the game I hate to say. I played a single game of Operation 4 FFA Ranked last night (first one since the update) and there were a good 2 or 3 players using that config in the lobby and guess what, they all finished top. Not just because they’re good players (I’m an experienced online player since Gears of War 1 and can hold my own and often too the scoreboards) but because they have a blatant advantage and it’s unreal. I play Gears on the Xbox and have PC matchmaking turned off for that reason, but now people are doing it on the Xbox and it’s slowly becoming out of hand. I built a new high end PC in March/April and play a lot of PC games, but I refuse to grab my mouse and bring it over the Xbox just to feel like I can compete with those players. It’s not right and TC have to address this ASAP IMO. If I choose to play gears on console with an Xbox controller (the way it’s meant to be played since the good ol’ days), then I don’t expect to run into sweats using controller/mouse combos that clearly break the game when you watch them on YouTube/kill-cam. I’m sweaty myself and take pride in topping a lot of games with Xbox/Controller config but what these people are doing is just outrageous. If they don’t fix it I’ll still play and enjoy but I think TC really should address that config on consoles. Just doesn’t look and feel right to see it.

I am pc player dude, but I play with controller so I feel forgotten.or not even considered

With Series X,

There’s literally no reason to have a toggle.

I was supportive of input based matchmaking as that’s how a lot of games handle Crossplay.

I can also understand console players toggling off for now.

But tbh,

Everyone will have access to higher FPS & anyone can play Controller or M&K regardless of platform.

Best option is to remove PC icon & toggle - at least after the SX is out.

I consider myself a decent player as I have played for a long time but now…Most of my experience on ranked is bad as the very high skill pc players make it so you dont even bother anymore, they are basically semi pro some of the sh it I see is so ridiculous I’m so tempted to say its aimbot, they are so consistent landing shots but the game is so inconsistent especially the gnasher(netcode)

If the whole population is mixed then matchmaking should work better.

It’s not the input methods themselves but the skill levels that are being pitted against each other.

I know exactly what you mean, if I’m solo with 4 players who can’t handle that, then, it’s a bad experience.

But if my team is able to compete, then it’s not an issue tbh.

being able to twitch fine tune a head shot with a long shot but then change to fast play gnasher is no comp against controller , we need at least individual weapon sensitivity settings for competitive ranked, but also yes matchmaking is crap but it will always be crap as the player base is small