Controller not working for gears 5 pc

any one else having this issue ?


Yes. Super annoying.


Yeah I’m having the issue too. I have my PS4 controller plugged in, it works perfectly in Gears 4 but for some reason Gears 5 won’t even recognize it. Any fixes?


Having same issue here. I have a PS4 scuf controller and I can’t get it to work with Gears 5. Any solution at all?

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also with the same problem here in Brazil !!!

I’m waiting here in the forum for the solution

Same here. PS4 controller doesn’t work. Looks like Microsoft bans PS4 controller on this game intentionally. My steam controller works fine(Unfortunately steam controller is not designed for shooting games…)
I’m sure Xbox one controller will work too. But I’m not gonna buy it, not in this way…

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Same here, tried using ps4 controller and didn’t work. Pretty sure microsoft just want us to buy xbox one controllers.

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Just figured out a solution. Download DS4Windows and set up a profile. There’s a setting called “Controller” that allows you to switch between DualShock 4 and Xbox 360. Set it to Xbox 360 and you’ll be able to use your PS4 controller to play GOW5.

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Download DS4Windows and create a profile. There’s an option within the profile that lets you switch your PS4 controller from DualShock 4 to Xbox 360. Looks like this:



Controller settings not showing in my menu. Are you using windows 7?

I’m using Windows 10. Go to the profile tab. Create a profile. Within the profile setup screen there’s an option called Controller that allows you to switch from DualShock 4 to Xbox 360 if you have the latest update.

This is an old picture I found in Google but in the newest version there’s a controller type setting.

This pic is the latest version and it doesn’t have the option to change from ps4 to xbox. This is a new picture, the one you showed first is the old version.

Oh. I thought I had the newest version. You could try to download an older version instead. The last time I updated the app was maybe 2 months ago.

When I use my xbox one controller on PC, if I use the xbox button to access the Gamebar to record or take screenshots, directional presses or A presses to make my Gamebar selection will affect the game. So if I press the xbox button while in the Gears5 options, then press down, it scrolls thru the Gamebar and the game options. Or if I press X on someone’s gamercard, and press down then A to invite them to a party, it does down+A in the game also on whatever screen it is on.

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Is this a joke post? The Steam Controller is fantastic for shooting games. Better than any controller ever built if you care about precision at all. I’ve been playing through on Solo Insane using the Steam Controller exclusively. Let me know if you need a good profile.

Jays2Kings no longer works on ds4windows, so that’s why still has the old version.
Ryochan7/DS4Windows forked from Jays2Kings/DS4Windows

Grab the newest version of ds4windows here:

My ps4 controller wasn’t working until I checked the configuration support settings on steam . Worked fine after that. Try checking the gamepad and ps4 boxes.