Controller Input/Prompts Bug

Hey hoping someone can help out as I’ve found very little references to this issue online.

So I want to play this with my Xbox controller but for whatever reason the controller and button prompts start ok but as soon as you start moving around or taking control it switches back and forth between K&M inputs as if you were switching input methods, especially when moving the left stick but it seems it can happen with any other button con the controller.

I’ve checked my keybinds on the controller and they are all default and not overlapping with K&M, I’ve disabled all overlays and don’t have any other program that might be conflicting with this. I want to play the game laying back on my couch but this bug makes it impossible and cant seem to find a solution.

Other person that experiences the same behavior here:

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Sounds frustrating. Do you have any macros running? Are your mouse and keyboard working correctly? First thing I would check if the KB/M are being activated somehow.

It is very frustrating and the only reason why I haven’t played the game yet.

I though the same thing, maybe the sensor in my mouse was detecting movement or something so I put it upside down, also another user on the reddit post said he even unplugged his keyboard and mouse and the issue persist.

My hardware is working fine, I have even tried other mouse, I’ve made sure I close every app since an overlay or Steam controller inputs might be interfering but the issue always happens, when you start using the controller especially the left stick.

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Make sure windows is reading controller. Connect controller to the Xbox beta chat App. If that doesn’t fix the issue you might have to unplug k/m so it won’t switch during play even though you shouldn’t have to. . The controller maybe faulty too. Bad wire or usb. Try different controller. And try another USB port on your computer. Simple trouble shoot

How do you connect the controller to the Xbox beta app? I’ve looked at the settings and see nothing and I have the latest version.

Anyways I don’t think that’s the problem, I have tried with a different USB cable, also tried connecting it to the back USB ports in my computer and not the front, I have also disconnected my K&M entirely. I don’t think any of that is the issue because since I noticed this problem I have used the controller on other games and only Tactics experiences this behavior, I have even tried uninstalling and downloading the game again.

Honestly I just think the game is being stupid, at least the game pass version, I haven’t tried it on Steam.

This is a video showing the issue, this is with K&M unplugged and you can see not only the prompts switching after I use the controller but also the cursor resets after moving the stick, it resets to the position the mouse is when loading the game.

Maybe. I play it in steam. I have k and b hooked up. But i use the controller with no problems.