Control: Tuning Updates - Test Tuning Deep Dive

Haha tell me about it! :joy:

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I prefer to think of it as improvise, adapt, overcome

Give in. Remap. Become fraud

All banter aside glad you’re having fun and torturing yourself

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This is what we’ve been asking for! Finally some real work by TC. it comes to show that they are at least aware of the issues present with these nasty delays.

The only thing I’d change about the lancer now is the DBNO time to kill. It is extremely frustrating when my enemy almost always just crawls away while getting absolutely LIT up by multiple shots from I and my team mates. They need to reduce the amnt of shots it takes to secure a DBNO to kill.


Alright, I played some matches. The comments below are strictly in regards to movement, which is more important to me than the weapon changes.

It’s better, admittedly. It’s slightly faster and therefore a step in the right direction. But that’s as far as I’ll go in terms of complimenting it. It’s still not as good as the old tuning that was live before the current, which offered completely fluid movement with far more freedom.

If only they would just adjust the movement tuning to match PvE’s, which is absolutely flawless.

But if this is TC’s last effort, which is looking very likely, then fair enough.


You remapped the buttons though right?

A - A
B - B
X - A
Y - X

With remapped buttons Classic Alt (defaulternate) works exactly the same way as Default in terms of button actions. There are some minor differences (A to execute a meatshield rather than X eg) but nothing that needs re-learning.

I’ve been using defaulternate for some time and its made a big difference in terms of movement.

Brilliant analysis of the different control schemes here (including defaulternate):

Gears 5 Control Schemes: Pros & Cons


The recoil is too low on it. I dont mind it if it had a ridiculous recoil. But it shouldnt be that easy to down kids. Is basically an op lancer

Getting 1% damage in gib range then other times blowing people away. Seems you can wrap around shot thick cover again, happened to me several times so far. Movement feels good. Barely any snub or lancer play, which is either a pro or con depending on who you ask.
All in all, it’s not gonna get me to come back and put a lot of time into the game unless I’m playing with friends.

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I’ve played like 20 maps of this test tuning and in all but one of them I was getting double/triple crossed.


I’m the only one trying to lancer or even push power weapons in my matches. Idk man

I agree. I think a lot of people don’t understand how much the gib range and bullet magnetism combo affect the current Gnasher. No one ever talks about the bullet magnetism on the Gnasher itself. It was in Gears 4 that I first started noticing people literally swinging their guns around and getting kills. You only got these types of kills from sheer luck in older titles. Reducing these to Gears 2/3 levels on the hipfire would bring back traditional Gnasher “duels” where chunking someone was done out of either necessity, or because you earned it.

This bullet magnetism/gib range combo is also why reaction shots and wrap shots are way too strong. There used to be a time and a place to use them. You would do them to finish off a hurt opponent or if your opponent left themselves open. These shots can now be done whenever, and the only defense is not being near that cover.

This play for the chunk mentality is largely what changed the feel of Gears. Going for the chunk used to be considered dumb, unless your opponent left themselves open or you were going for broke (losing the fight).

Also, I’m not sure why anyone would not agree with the Lancer changes. It’s a support weapon and on the current tuning, you just spray it… like a hose. I think having more nuance in the way the gun is used is good. It’s got the same damage values, you just have to hit your shots. If you think lancer is weak, I simply can’t agree. No offense but you might want to take the time to practice and get used to using it properly. That thing can melt people when used correctly. The only issue I see is on securing DBNO kills. Lancer is plenty strong.

Overall, this tuning is a big step in the right direction.


The game has long been frustrating and boring. When the movement slowed down, a lot of people quit the game (myself included). Also I do not understand the absurd nerfies to lancer, that is no longer a weapon, it is a toy. Something that I noticed and that they should take very seriously in returning is a fast wallbounce, like the one in Gears 4. I was very happy with people since they liked being able to stick quickly and fluidly to the covers, especially since it also served as It helps to evade one or another shot and thus be able to outwit the rival. Finally I would also like to return the active recharge, how do you remove something so iconic that characterizes your game and makes it special to others?


Have you played ranked Control at all? if 2 people are lancering you from a distance you will get melted in a split second , go play a 4 stack in ranked that teams shots than come back here and say “it’s a toy” the Lancer is very good just can’t down 2 or 3 people in an active clip, which literally no one wants back.

The benefit of the active reload is the super fast reload, why should you get rewarded with a damage boost and hire rate of fire for something most of us can do through muscle memory and our eyes closed



Nothing in here makes me want to try this…


Decreased damage at range?

Give us GoW4 Core tuning (movement, all weapons, etc) with a slightly decreased two shot down range. Done.


Now you are going in the right direction, but there’s still a couple of things fixable:

Turn that 4v4 boring gamemodes to 5v5 again, and add the power boost in all active reloads (yes, I’m talking about main weapons).

Bring back escalation of Gears of war 4.

Real active reloads are needed (and they are a distinctive of Gears of War…) come on! we are talking about real Gears experience… GEEEEEEARS!!!

With the slow movement tuning and slow aim tunning, the delay on the shot and the inexistent power boost in the gnasher active reloads now it’s almost impossible to go 1 vs 3 (or 4) like it was before (sooooo fun to do) because all that is needed (but right now not available) to have chances to survive and win that kind of kamikaze attacks or last stand defensive battles.

But the longshot, bow, embar, markza, etc., Should not have any magnetism or aim assist at all.

And the boomer, frag grenades, dropshot, (power weapons) should have more power, by the way, digger, mortar, hammer of dawn and one shot are still highly needed. (power weapons are critic game changers, there should be more and be really powerful because that add more dynamism and excitement to any pvp game mode).

Delay in the shot shouldn’t never exist, not even with 0.01 ms.

All grenades should explode sooner, planted shouldn’t be visible for the enemy team and smoke grenades should stun.

Aim movement should have more range, being able to be faster because right now controller players are in a clear and huge disadvantage against keyboard and mouse players.


This would result in the highest skill-gap with the most varied gameplay — can’t have that. Everyone needs to be punished for firing their weapons.


I think I’m going to need to reinforce my zipper.

Sounds like it’s at a healthy spot then if saying you want another goofy looking camera exploit like an air back A

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Don’t agree with this guy