Control: Tuning Updates - Test Tuning Deep Dive

Alright just played the tuning,

-Movement is nice and clean
-The gnasher feels good as well.
-I would still decline the sniper magnetism more than 40% i am still hitting ridiculous shots.
-Removing aim assist
-The claw is a very overpower weapon i personally would take it out i can down an entire team in half a clip or add more recoil to it.
-lancer for some odd reason feels a bit stronger.
Overall heading the right direction


Great update,
please give Lancer more power


You’re joking right?

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Brah it’s a control scheme. Since when did schemes come with unintended advantages that made game mechanics better. It should make something easier to do because of whatever button is switched around but it shouldn’t mess with the in game mechanic. It’s a waste of time though. It’ll never be fixed cause everyone’s on it. If it wasn’t so important in eSports maybe there’d be a chance but nah. Defraudternate ain’t going nowhere

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Ever since they made schemes that separated roll from cover there’s been advantages. You chose that scheme. You stayed on the easiest scheme because you didn’t want something new and it not being as good as something harder is a drawback. Simple

Claw is just right.

It’s a power weapon for a reason, they should all be devastating in their own right. It got left to die before the buff now people actually fight for it.


People seem to forget Gears is supposed to be brutal and unforgiving, just like the good old days.


How is defaulternate harder ? It’s the same scheme. I never left default cause I started with claw. You smoking PCP if you think having actual advantages within the game mechanics be tied to another scheme is fair.

Defaulternate is easier in some ways and harder in others. Some peole I know had issues switching to it because the scheme often interrupts your normal shot timing. They don’t come out at all sometimes until you get it down. Both schemes are very easy to learn though.

And once again it’s your decision. Some people can’t play claw because they care about their hands and need to buy expensive controller or break a million bumpers players tournament like I did. back before pro controller became popular people like you who didn’t care about their hands had a MASSIVE advantage. But you only want it in your favor

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Most I heard was about the BackA feeling weird but that’s it ? Shot timing here and there ? Game already has 155 different delays so it fits right in. If it was that bad 95% of people wouldn’t be on it. We just gonna have to agree to disagree mate. You like defraudternate and think it’s cool. While I let my pride get in the way and shoot myself in the foot since I refuse to switch to it. Different viewpoints just remember y’all all on steroids lmao

Love the feeling of the new tuning, get it on live asap, maybe a very very slight nerf to gib range but other than that it’s all good.

Side note, just started using Defaultinate, took about 20 hours for it to feel natural, no regrets (other than taking this long to see the light.


Im old dude, I’ll take any advantage I can get to fight the youth, sbmm, lag comp ECT haha


This tuning is way BETTER than the current one. :smiley:


It’s shooting in general. I think there is a an action limit of 3 in this game and defaulternate takes up 2 with every slide.

Lucky you. Muscle memory literally forbids me from using anything other than Default :joy:.


Not going to lie, I wanted to swap back for the first 5ish hours about 10 hours in it started to feel okay but only after 20 does it feel right,

I wanted to try and get better with kb/m but I think that ship has sailed for me.

Well that’s certainly dedication!

I have absolutely no patience and reverted back after around two deaths each time I attempted the change :joy:.

I reckon you could probably get used to M&KB, though it is a fine form of heresy.


I whole heartedly agree but as I said, any advantage I can get haha, my boy is crazy good with kbm and he’s only been playing the last few months, youth tho eh

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You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the fraud :pensive: