Control: Tuning Updates - Test Tuning Deep Dive

imagine complain bout the bullet magnetism going down it shows someone can not aim well and need bullet magnets!


:pensive: ok.

I’ll still be good with the lancer :triumph:

I’ve got a few games in the tuning under my belt and I really think this is a great step in the right direction.

The delays being reduced feels very good and definitely makes fights and movement feel more fluid. I would like to see them maybe reduced just a tad more but not completely gone.

The gnasher changes. Wow. Great. What i feel like should be one shots feel like one shots, and what i want to be a two shot down turns out to be a two shot down. The pellet spread increase is lovely as it makes it where i am not getting hit for large amounts of damage from what would be “too far”, and as stated. The GIB range feels what i could almost call perfect.

I never personally had a issue with the magnetism of the precision weapons, however, after playing with them a bit and getting used to it it does feel nice . It feels like I’m getting hit or hits when I’m supposed too.

I am a big fan of the lancer change, especially being that in lots of cases or scenarios of the old tuning where i would get lancered out from across the map it felt when I was in a gnasher fight. This definitely seems to solve that problem. It also is nice because since a large majority of the maps in the game have large open areas or powerful vantage points and long sight lines it allows more movement safety throughout the map. (ex. Mercy, Clocktower, Harbor) The same goes for the snub because it sometimes feels as if its more powerful then the lancer. I enjoy the change.

As for the flashbang and melee changes I also enjoy. It makes the push after throwing a flash feel more in time with how it should (i.e. “throw and go”). The melee delay is nice just because to simply put it it gives the person being meleed more of a chance to get away or fight back.

If i could change anything more it would be the cover sliding to be speed up a little more and the cover slide cancel shoot delay to be lowered. The in cover shoot delay is fine, and i like the speed of exiting cover ( running into it and performing a up a) i just feel as if there should be less “punishment” on shooting my gun.


Imagine wanting an even larger gib range. Auto gib as long as you’re within the one mile radius. Way worse.


Oh my friend i know you are im talking bout the other person

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Imagine complaining bout every tuning tc trys and find a way to whine bout it still


imagine assuming someone cares bout the tuning when they just play the game for fun

This looks interesting. The weapon changes I can deal with. My primary concern since the last changes has solely been the movement, which was gamebreaking for me personally.

I look forward to testing this.

Played hundreds of hours of these (there’s been 2 or 3 revisions since OP 8 launched) tunings in Control (Esports) Custom matches, and I can tell you, you guys are in for a treat. It’s the best gnasher this game has seen.

Btw you will almost never be in a situation where a 2in increase to the gib range will matter, so don’t complain about it now before trying the new tuning. If I had to guess, the gib range was changed to make the other damage changes for the gun work. They did the same thing with a previous update. While I think the game’s current tuning has the best (because it’s the shortest) gib range, everything else in this test tuning makes for a much more fun and skilled experience.

They found a medium between no coverslide shot delay and 150ms, so y’all can stop crying about that finally, and the flashbang change is not something I expected, but will be interested to try out some more. I’m having to relearn some flashes as a result.


It’s the shortest gib range? But they increased it? How’s it shorter?

Correct me if I’m wrong but essentially the gnasher gib range went from (————-) to (—————-). Aka longer distance you can gib from. Why are you saying shortest?

Only this versus event is using the new test tuning. The current tuning, which is currently applied to Ranked, and I’m assuming Quickplay, has the lowest gib range.

Ah crap sorry I misread your post. My bad.

That 2 inches tho…I’m under the belief that the gnasher should almost be touching to gib…so for me 2 inches is a lot. In gears 1 the gib range was perfect imo. Now it’s gibs everywhere.

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Yeah I think these patch notes are referring to Tuning Test v1 > Tuning Test v2 as well, cuz I coulda sworn the gnasher gib range is lower than 220uu in Ranked. In an earlier test, the gnasher was preeeetty weak from a distance making it almost pointless to shoot from far away, but they buffed it a bit for this latest version, which has been in Customs for a week now I think, maybe 2.

Yeah if you play a lot, you might notice you gib a guy where you wouldn’t have before, but it’s not so bad that playing for the one-shot only is the best way to play. Movement is much more crucial in this tuning than it is in Ranked right now. There’s no more hitting your opponent for a 10% shot and then medium-range full spread downing anymore.

I’ll def try, and I’ll probably adjust. Don’t agree with a lot of what’s going on with the game. But I guess I’m not the majority left still playing and enjoying it. If the people left playing enjoy it, Then I’m happy for them.

Tuning is definitely an improvement.

But my scoreboard was stuck with no way of getting if off my screen after just 1 match. Reminded me of the good ol’ Arcade days. Speaking of, @TC_GEARS what happened to that “temporary removal”?

Played it for two hours — a lot of people are saying that you can’t play for two shots or downs anymore, that you have to play for one-shots etc. To a certain extent that is the case, but it’s still not Gow4 comp levels of braindead gameplay.

The lancer is still extremely overpowered — this gun could receive a 40% damage nerf and still probably over perform for how easy it is to aim and shoot. The pistol nerf is way more noticeable. The power weapon nerfs are noticeable as well, however I don’t think the power weapon nerfs went far enough.

It’s a lot more fun — like just gliding around is a lot more fun, the game being faster is more fun etc. The downside to this is that this update is a massive buff to animation shots, these are the lowest skilled kills you can get and it’s simply easier to get them now. This also makes “bot walking” easier to do as well.

I find it really funny that there’s still a 70ms delay on shooting out of your slide, and you lose magnetism for 150ms however if you do an animation shot you can shoot instantly and there’s no magnetism loss at all.

I believe this gets implemented regardless because it’s just a more fun experience overall, it’s just better. And it does slightly increase the skill-gap as well and that’s what GoW desperately needs.


I’ve had a chance to play a bit more & this tuning is fire! The damage beyond chunk range could be reduced a bit more as I feel the 2 shot two down occurrence still happens frequently when fighting certain individuals… Not to disregard what said before, again this is a step in the direction I would like to see the game take in it’s final stages.


Looking forward to trying this.