Control: Tuning Updates - Test Tuning Deep Dive

Yup, played several games tonight after posting on this thread. Prob about 20 matches. I can dig the changes. It doesn’t feel like I’m getting downed after 1 or 2 pellets hitting me when I’m red from the first shot. Feels decent and honestly isn’t too different like everyone else is saying. I see some people exaggerating it a bit.

I stand by what I said before tho. Gib range DEF needs to be reduced. Reduce it substantially passed what is in the game currently and you’ve got a great tuning for the gnasher. The gib range should’ve never been as far as it is. Reduces skill gap exponentially.

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I like the movement and gnasher changes. Certain power weapons having less ammo makes it feel weird but I understand the change.

I enjoyed this tuning. Seemingly an improvement. Would lower cancel to shoot speed more.

Ultimately lag comp still ruins it.

Regardless of tuning, if a guy running around with a 120ms ping is king, the game is screwed.

People not only want a fun tuning, they want a fair and consistent game.


This is looking like a great improvement

I’m not sure why we need an increased gib range. That’s actually pretty crazy. I don’t really like the bigger gnasher pellet spread either. It’s bad enough you got frauds on aim assist hitting shots they shouldn’t be hitting and now with an even bigger spread…. Lol. Speaking of aim assist I remember when I was on these forums a couple weeks ago people were swearing up and down it was disabled in every capacity and doesn’t do anything. Then it became only the magnetism remains so it’s not a big deal. Now with this new change they’re eliminating every degree of aim assist after a slide cancel to involve more skill. So I ask you all if aim assist was never that bad then why are they doing all of this ?

I like the decreased magnetism on the other weapons though. When I play I don’t always have a full team and with how the SBMM is ik always against sweaty stacked teams playing like it’s grand finals. No problem with that but it’s game after game. Holding angles, plenty crosses, no 1vs. It gets tiring so I’m happy now those team friendly weapons will still require good aiming and shots won’t just be given to you because you’re aiming in that vicinity. Especially the snub.

I’ll try the tuning out but just wake me up when they take away the advantages defraudternate and the alt control scheme brings with the easier wall bounce. I’ll probably never wake up cause then that change would piss off their little e sport darlings so I’ll make do.

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Just fix the broken achivement asap.

Love these tuning updates. I’m liking mostly all of the changes. The gnasher and aim assist changes feel like the missing puzzle piece from the beta tuning 10months ago.

Gnasher fights are more fun and rewarding. Not overly punishing /strong like in live tuning, but enough poke to have purpose at some range.

The only thing I’d change about the test tuning, is bringing the gib back to 220uu, as I think it’d be a better balance with this movement and weapon tuning

Please add this to the full game ASAP.

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You’re asking for them to make regular default snappier. Classic Alt was always the best scheme since Gears 3 but it’s much harder so many stick with default. That’s still the case. Defaulternate is another story but it’s your fault for sticking with default over that though.

As far as the spread is concerned you seem to not have played it. It’s HARDER to get damage now than it is on the live tuning because of the spread. You have to be more accurate to hit more pellets. That’s a good thing

Oh okay I guess I misunderstood with the pellets but it’s also cause I haven’t played it yet. They don’t have to make anything snappier. Why can’t defaulternate just give you the easier button placements without the better wall bounce ? It’s what tournament did. A better button placement for an easier way to bounce but you not getting anything faster or whatever. I know it’ll never get changed or reverted because everyone is on it. It’s my fault for not converting but it’s more of a pride thing. People out here moving like sonic cause they changed schemes. Fraudulent to me. In the words of the great Nate Diaz. “ You’re all on steroids “ lol

It’s because alternate goes off a press rather than release on an action so it’s gonna be snappier. Defaulternate is literally alt with a button change. They can’t do anything to it except remove it.

Alt doesn’t have sliding and roll on the same button so the game doesn’t need to decide between either. It’s always gonna be snappier. But like I said it’s the harder scheme to play on so most won’t want to switch. It 's kind of a choice you make at that point

Game crash 2 times since update, mine is Xbox one!

That’s not a tuning thing. That’s Gears 5 being Gears 5

I know the differences and the whole register on release vs press thing. I just feel like if it gives an advantage of a snappier bounce then why even have it in.

Then it’s up to you to use it not try and nerf the another schemes because you don’t want to move on. Default is the easiest scheme next to defaulternate to learn and that one has delays default doesn’t have. Mainly when shooting

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Alright just played the tuning,

-Movement is nice and clean
-The gnasher feels good as well.
-I would still decline the sniper magnetism more than 40% i am still hitting ridiculous shots.
-Removing aim assist
-The claw is a very overpower weapon i personally would take it out i can down an entire team in half a clip or add more recoil to it.
-lancer for some odd reason feels a bit stronger.
Overall heading the right direction


Great update,
please give Lancer more power


You’re joking right?

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Brah it’s a control scheme. Since when did schemes come with unintended advantages that made game mechanics better. It should make something easier to do because of whatever button is switched around but it shouldn’t mess with the in game mechanic. It’s a waste of time though. It’ll never be fixed cause everyone’s on it. If it wasn’t so important in eSports maybe there’d be a chance but nah. Defraudternate ain’t going nowhere

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Ever since they made schemes that separated roll from cover there’s been advantages. You chose that scheme. You stayed on the easiest scheme because you didn’t want something new and it not being as good as something harder is a drawback. Simple

Claw is just right.

It’s a power weapon for a reason, they should all be devastating in their own right. It got left to die before the buff now people actually fight for it.