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Well the poll results already say it all, I hope they implement it ASAP now, no point waiting around.

It is great for old guys like me, sometimes it remembers me Gears 1 but is not same all 100%.
I noticed, I am better here coz I can kill people who is good at wall bouncing (me not good), it is so awesome see skilled players die under my gnasher shot… LOL
That tuning need you make precise shot with gnasher, not like in other mode where you with gnasher can kill with ridiculous movement with gnasher like pop headshot or swipe at left or right side with shot gnasher for have more spread bullets, LOL!
I hope the tuning will be official almost in a mode versus named like “Only for old guys/boomers!” xD
Happy gaming everyone!

Nah bring everyone on release not press. Feel the real pain. Then people ain’t gonna have insane movement so easily

Only taken 2 years since release to get here.

Poll needs a ‘Couldn’t care less’ option.

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TC has this thing where they identify a problem and then nerf that problem in like 10 different ways at once. All the game needed from live tuning was the slide speed increased, the slide shot delay removed and the magnetism levels on snipe/embar/bow halved.

Obviously I just want to complain about the fact that this tuning assists in braindead gameplay—but instead look at the power weapon nerfs. The ammo has been reduced, they take significantly (twice?) longer to respawn and the magnetism has been lowered. All we needed was the magnetism lowered, but it’s got the classic TC ‘nerf from 8 directions at once’ treatment.

This is literally how we wound up with the live tuning as well — TC added gnasher range, slowed down movement and added a slide cancel delay. All it needed was increased ranged.

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I dabbled with the idea of responding to this thread because you 100% do not deserve my time, help or input. However I was very invested in this topic prior to being wrongly banned so I figured that I’d see it through until the end, though to be clear I have lost all of my motivation and respect since the actions made.

As some of you may recall, this was a discussion we as a community attempted to have in early February 2021, the discussion was such a concern that the post itself built up in excess of 1300 comments - Full thread can be found here if you would like to catch up on the detailed comments made prior to the tuning being added, that ultimately crippled Gears 5 and alienated its playerbase as warned prior to its full implementation.

A large number of people voiced their concerns in relation to the cover slide cancel shot delay, it was predicted that this would introduce a boring Gnasher playstyle whereby people camp behind walls and refuse to push battles (This turned out to be correct). Our concerns were met with the following official response

"We understand there is a portion of the community that is continuing to give feedback on the live tuning changes. However, the tuning changes were in beta for 2 months prior to them going live. We asked for feedback during those 2 months, reached out to various players who were playing them regularly and whom they affected. The time for ‘we want it changed’ feedback was during those 2 months, as these tuning changes will be the last major tuning changes to PVP.

At this time, we are also going to be closing the Tuning Thread. The discussion has run its course and is currently circling around the same points that we have now addressed above.

Take care, kill grubs, and be kind to each other."
Source - Please see forum post linked earlier in my comment - Thread locked.

Following this seemingly uninformed response, I was concerned about the shot delay not being taken seriously, therefore I conducted my own poll and found that of 100 voters, 97% of them did not want shot delay. Please see below.

Poll 97%

Concerned with this result combined with the apparent lack of knowledge and game mechanical understanding from the person who made this comment, I wanted to try and raise awareness to the damage that the introduction of shot delay would cause, I therefore made a new thread highlighting this poll. My thread was quickly hidden and I received a millenium long ban for attempting to prevent the dire state that we now find ourselves in. I find a strong correlation between my poll 8 months ago and the current 94:6 ratio on this poll here, so I apologise to everybody who hates the tuning that we have had all year, I tried to highlight this issue but it was silenced, sorry about that!

So with that out of the way, here we are again, after 2 years of providing feedback throughout Gears 4, 2 years of providing feedback throughout Gears 5 we’re being asked for feedback. I am unsure where Gears sources it’s feedback data however I am certain that it’s not from where I source mine, I have found an overwhelming constant and concise recurring theme from players highlighting the awful experience that slide cancel shot delay brings to the game, quite how it’s taken all year to look at this issue is totally beyond my comprehension.

So, here’s my thoughts on the change in question.

Good but I think players would prefer the acceleration to begin at a slightly higher number to feel less bogged down, perhaps 400uu

Good change however it’s a pointless change unless you reduce it to 0.000s as players who feel 0.150s will still feel 0.070s, delays are not enjoyable and should not exist. It does not matter what you do with the rest of the tuning, if this remains at ANY other value that is not 0.000s, your tuning will be broken and players will not enjoy it. Pulling the trigger in a shooting game should cause the weapon to fire, simple as that. I’m not getting back into all the stupid arguments whereby people compare Gears to CoD and how there’s sprint delays… No, this is Gears, I told you it wouldn’t work and I was right, it didn’t work. Remove slide cancel shot delays entirely otherwise you’re wasting your time and our time because the experience will be horrid, simple as that.

I’m in favour of any aim assist reduction, though it’d be nice if this was more clear as to what mechanical change happened, I’m assuming this is magnetism?

Okay there’s 2 things to break down here and I feel like many players ask for changes for the wrong reasons.

Max damage outside of gib range, this reduction is good but not because people are sick of seeing 99% in 1 hit, it’s a good change because it lessens the frequency that you’ll find yourself getting team 2 shot down instantly, the issue was never due to somebody being in gib range, the issue was 2 people at medium distance team shooting you, in which case the damage curve reduction over range is what’s important here. I’ve said all along that the percentage UI would only ever annoy people.

Gib range adjustment. Players seem to be under the misconception that this will stop them feeling the idea of being cheated out of a “point blank gib”. This change will not change that at all. Please take a look at my amazing line skills.

Gib Range

Changing the gib range in any way shape or form will NOT change how often you feel that you’re being robbed out of a gib. This feeling comes from when you’re roughly 1uu outside of gib range when the server detects your shot (lag can be a factor).

If we take a look at the red and green lines, this represents the current tuning with a gib range of 220uu, if a player were to be stood on the red line and fired at the opponent stood on the opposite red line, it would be a gib. However, if 1 player was stood on their red line but the other person was stood on the green line, this would be too far and would not gib.

Therefore I expect to see the exact same frustration with this change to 225uu, looking at the blue and black lines you can see the exact same situation, equally if you were to make the gib range 5 miles, if 1 person takes 1 step backwards, the range will be too long and you will not gib your opponent when you expect to.

What will this change actually do? This change will allow for more ranged Gnasher fights and I expect to see people complaining about the RXN shot even more because this increase will allow the shot to go further around the corner. I also expect to see a lot of people complaining that they’re getting shot whilst sliding into cover from an opponent sat on the other side as they can now be shot from 5uu further away. (I do not see a RXN shot as an issue but I expect this change to increase complaints towards it). I don’t mind this change but it wasn’t needed, it’ll merely change how Gnasher fights are taken and will not fix the feeling of being cheated out of point blanks as some people seem to think it will…I promise you it will not so don’t get your hopes up.


Good, should also consider lowering the rate of fire by approximately 0.450-0.550s per mag to bring it back in tune with that of Gears 3.

Time to expire 40 Lancer shots -

Gears 5 - 4.605s
Gears 4 - 4.605s
Gears 3 - 5.172s

This means that whilst it’s true that we’ve been seeing similar damage values to that of previous games, it’s not taking into account the higher DPS as a result of the faster fire rate. This makes it harder to tune, slow the weapon down and apply the correct damage. This combined with the magnetism reduction is a good direction to go.

No real opinion but I’m always in favour of less aim assist, the players should be playing the game, not the AI.

I don’t know why you always insist on making an annoying change, the flashbang shouldn’t even exist let alone be faster. Don’t do this.


I’m fine with this, however a big annoyance that Gears 5 has with the Gnasher is that its rate of fire is slower than previous games.

Time taken to expire 6 Gnasher shots (as quickly as possible)

Gears 5 - 5.873s
Gears 4 - 5.439s
Gears 3 - Not tested.

This shows me that for there to be approximately 0.400s difference between games, that a rate of fire time increase was applied to Gears 5. I believe that a rate of fire time decrease of approximately 0.050s between shots is needed in order to make the Gnasher feel more responsive, whilst this isn’t critical for the tuning I believe it’ll provide a more enjoyable experience as it’ll make the Gnasher feel “ready” when you instinctively feel that it should be.

To conclude, this is a very good and much needed change, however it certainly needs consideration applying to the full removal of shot delay otherwise I assure you that this will not work, the novelty of the slight reduction will wear off and complaints would resume as players continue to feel the annoyance that the delay introduces. I do think that with some more tweaks, this tuning could be very good. I do not think that this will bring players back to the game as I feel that the previous tuning was left in place for too long and has caused too much damage as a result.

I told you so.


Stupid question time, where is the Poll?

At the top.

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No it didn’t lmao.


Cheers, I seems to auto go to where the thread last had a reply hence not seeing it

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I’m glad that’s been your experience. You’re very fortunate.

Yeah I didn’t spend the entire update as a ranked player in guardian, sorry. People literally flying at me in wagers/umgs the exact same as they did prior because someone having the ability to shoot directly out of a slide has no bearing on whether or not players will actually push you.

That’s because people who play competitively actually play the game properly, I respect that.

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You can quickly scroll up and down by clicking the box that shows your current position within the thread (current reply number/ total reply count. It’s on the bottom right when you scroll). :wink:

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cheers mate, I did know I could do that, just didn’t realise it was up at the top haha, maybe they should update the title to say the poll is in this thread too, sure I’m not the only one thats missed it…right? hahaha

Good changes except for the bullet magnetism for the sniper etc. I liked having an absolutely op sniper when the game first came out. The sniper and torque bow should be really good.

Well said, I agree. Oh and welcome back from your involuntary vacation.

Ha! I knew it was coming. Good.


Thank you :slight_smile:


nah I think it’s fine, just hope hope that this magnetism applies to all modes

All very well in my opinion. They should increase the damage of the Lancer