Control: Tuning Updates - Test Tuning Deep Dive

UPDATE 2: Results are in and… the tuning updates will be going live next week on Tuesday across all Gears 5 Versus modes. Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts. Go get ‘em!

I prefer the test tuning over the current tuning / Prefiero los ajustes de la prueba que los actuales.
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UPDATE: We added the poll above and a full Gnasher data breakdown below the original post, along with a graph showing the Gnasher damage curve.

Hey everyone,

As you know, today we’re trying out our test tuning at a large scale, and while we’ve been locking down on things that we believe place core mechanics and gameplay at a healthy spot, we also got a chance to tweak gameplay a bit further.

As we move forward with our future projects, our capacity to do massive overhauls needs to step aside in favor of nudges that elevate gameplay in key, specific aspects, which is what we’re bringing with our Versus Event: Control. This tuning is also available in Custom Versus matches by selecting “Tuning Test” in the Custom Versus mode options screen. Below you’ll find a breakdown of these changes.

Reduce delays and improve fluidity of player movement: A slightly higher initial slide speed means better chances to navigate through gnarly situations. When taking risks, making enemies miss their shots and successfully attack corners is key, so now there’s a shorter delay between wall cancelling and shooting; to compensate, aim assist is disabled during a short bit after a wall cancel —if this is how you slay, precision and clear intent in the face of danger will bring you closer to victory.

Movement updates:

  • Initial slide speed increased by 15% (from 300uu to 350uu)
  • Decreased time it takes to fire after a cover slide cancel from 150 ms to 70 ms
  • Aim assist is now disabled for 150 ms after a cover slide cancel

Improve the ability to showcase individual skill, especially in Gnasher battles: Coupled with movement tweaks, Gnasher duels will feel fresher by turning two-shot downs into a less likely outcome. Capping max damage at 85% outside of gib range means increased survival when you just took great damage, making it more likely you’ll skillfully get out of harm’s way or outplay your attacker when a few stray bullets could have otherwise taken you down.

Gnasher updates:

  • Max damage before gib is now 510 damage (max % outside of gib range is now 85% instead of 99%).
  • Damage curve adjusted to account for decreased base damage and to increase playmaking ability in Gnasher battles (see the Gnasher damage curve below).
  • Gnasher pellet spread increased by 5%
  • Gib range increased from 220uu to 225uu (~2 inches)

Improve the balance of load out and precision weapons: Reduced magnetism for precision weapons translates into skillful high-accuracy shots that feel consistent and rewarding. With decreased magnetism for the Snub and Lancer, calculated shots for the latter will yield better results than sustained spreads when hitting targets from afar, without affecting mid range support efficacy. The goal is to encourage a thought-out purpose behind shooting at long range, keeping your head on your shoulders while your opponents lose theirs.

Precision weapon updates:

  • Reduced bullet magnetism for the Longshot, EMBAR, and Torque Bow by 50%
  • Increased minimum time to charge an active reload Torque Bow shot from 200ms to 500ms

Lancer updates:

  • Reduced magnetism when aiming by 40%

Snub updates:

  • Reduced all magnetism by 50%

General updates:

  • Decreased time for Flashbang to detonate after its first bounce from 750ms to 600ms
  • Increased the delay to melee after shooting to 500ms (from 400 ms)

We’ll be reading your comments but do need to remind you that, as we mentioned above, current development asks from us a sharp focus on key aspects of gameplay. If you have any feedback, please make sure it addresses the mechanics and values that we’re sharing here. We’ll be following up this post with a poll in the coming days so you can let us know which version of the tuning you prefer.

Have fun!

EDIT: Gnasher damage curve and full Gnasher data breakdown below.

Gnasher Damage Curve:


The above graph shows damage per Gnasher pellet at different ranges. A few helpful things to know below:

Player HP:

  • Players have a total of 600 health in Gears PVP (represented by the thick blue line on the graph.)

Gnasher pellets and spread:

  • The Gnasher fires 12 pellets in a consistent spread pattern with each shot.
  • Each Gnasher pellet now does 42.5 base damage.
  • 12 pellets x 42.5 = 510 base Gnasher Damage in this tuning update.
  • The pellet spread becomes wider as distance to your target increases, making it difficult to land as many pellets per shot.

Damage calculation is modified by distance:

  • Different range-based damage modifiers change the damage done per pellet.
    • The formula for damage calculation is: (# of pellets x Damage per pellet) x Damage modifier
  • At point blank range (inside 225uu or ~85 inches) the Gnasher does 1.777x damage.
    • You need to land at least 8 out of 12 pellets in this range to surpass 600 damage and gib a player who is at full health.
      • (8 x 42.5) x 1.777 = 604 damage
  • At just past 225uu the modifier drops to 1x damage, bringing the max at that range to 510 damage if you land all 12 pellets.
  • At short range (450uu or ~170 inches) the modifier reaches 0.85 damage per pellet.
  • At mid-range (900uu or ~340 inches) the modifier reaches 0.5 damage per pellet.
  • The overall Gnasher damage curve is based on a linear change between these distance modifiers.

thoughts @telekinetix?


Let’s see if this is an improvement.


Some good stuff there looking forward to trying it out.

The crazy Delays were always my biggest gripe when they were introduced, you simply couldn’t play the same any more.


I agree the delay is the main course meal here but I can’t wrap my finger around the weapon changes, especially to lancer…these kind of “changes” are why the boomshot is no longer a lethal weapon at close range which is just stupid.



The boys are back :eyes:



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Yes, this is what we have been asking for Gears to be. Not sure why it has taken this long for changes like these to come to light but an improvement is always welcome.

I’d still like to see a test with no delays but this is much better than what we’ve had for the past year.

The big tuning thread was right.


Oh my various gods if you actually don’t take the feedback this time around like the last tuning update someone at TC is going to get slapped lol.


At the very least if this tuning saves gears for the next couple of years before Gears 6 is released this should be the blue print tuning for the Gears 6 multiplayer.


I’ve played a few games now and I’ll admit it’s a step in the right direction. That said, I don’t think it should stop here… I would like to see the delays reduced even further if not removed entirely. Shooting my gun shouldn’t have so many restrictions, I would like to see the ‘air back a’ return. The movement increase is great, it makes the game play feel smoother… I would like to see it increased even further.


My bias up-top — I think the current tuning doesn’t work when people are on Series X/S & PC. This tuning was good, but that was before the Series X/S launch and before you had to play against PC players. One of my very first posts here literally said “I think this game will need a massive re-balance once more people get the Series X” and I feel way more strongly about that position today than I did then.

There are a few things here which in my opinion just had to happen.

Reduced Magnetism on the Lancer, Longshot, Embar, Torque bow and a secondary torque bow charge-time nerf are all just music to my ears. These weapons are simply too easy to use on the live tuning, far too easy — the pistol getting a larger nerf than the lancer is extremely odd, but it’s TC I can’t expect logic in all areas.

This is good — any time the gib range is increased it’s good. In my opinion it should be closer to 275, but any increase is good.

If anything I think that tightening the spreads creates a higher skill-gap.

This is not as big of a deal as TC is making out to be.

I don’t know what this even means, it could either mean that my shots are going to do damage from further away which is great — or more likely that they’re going to do nothing and there won’t be a point in even shooting your gun unless it’s for a chunk.

Going to test this out and see what I think.


I’m liking the test tuning. Feels a bit closer to Gears 4 comp in the sense that there’s now more emphasis on who lands the last shot instead of who lands the first shot when facing skilled opponents. I also like the fact that you now have more options in duels if you need to close distance, thanks to the steep damage drop off beyond gib range of the Gnasher. Good stuff overall imo :+1:


Someone warned us about this but he got in trouble for it, he was right, people said he was wrong. Look at where we are now,


Cool but it’s not a big thing. If you’re not as skillful at the game then nothing will change. Whoever’s been good will be good in whatever tuning.

However, I am happy if it means more players will come back or stay longer than what they previously wanted.


Nice to have you back


This sounds absolutely horrible. Gib range increased and more nerfs to the lancer.

Anyone who thinks that gib range should be increased is INSANE. The gib range is so huge let’s say there is a pIece of cover in the middle of two of us, it’s possible if I’m standing that I get gibbed from several inches away from the cover while the enemy is on the opposite side also standing away from it by a bit. But sure let’s increase it.

The lancer has already been nerfed 6ft under ground. If you get or got killed by it before the last update you deserved it.

They really want to make this game 100% gnasher.

Wow real original there. No thanks. I’m still not playing this.


Imagine judging something before trying it :pensive:

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I don’t need to play it before I judge it because I already know that what the current tuning is terrible, and it’s going farther down the drain. Gib range is increased? It’s already gigantic.