Control thoughts?

Actually really enjoying it and it wouldn’t look out of place in ranked, hardpoint vibes and plays well.

however the thickness of the rings is laughable to the point where your view is often severely impeded, certainly needs to be a more player-friendly ring zone implemented as soon as possible


Like transparent color walls as someone suggested in a reply to that zone thread

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Yeah did see that, hell of a lot better.

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It’s alright. I noticed that depending on the surroundings, the rings sometimes are raised up so they completely block your view. Usually the rings in KOTH are around knee-height. But sometimes they are basically shoulder level. It happens alot on Exhibit.

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Had a ring going through my head in the middle of a gnasher battle the 1st game I played lmao

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I also joined a game right at the very end on Speyer, and I couldn’t see the rings at all. There was the text “capture” in the middle, and if you entered into where the ring should be, it makes the sound effect and gives you points as normal - just you can’t see the actual rings.

So not only a lazy map few wanted, but even more lazy they didn’t get the rings to work properly on it :rofl::rofl: haven’t played that one yet (well on 5 lol) but I’ve also only played a couple games so far.

When you are in the ring, it blocks your view to loads of lanes.

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That would require them to create new assets, and we all know tc said: after op5, theyre gonna slow the development of the game.

I played 10 games in a row and I feel that Control is very casual to be considered for Ranked.
1- The ring is too big and it’s very easy to hold it or even take your time to kill the enemies since you have plenty of room to play with.
2- Since it takes no time to capture, anybody can hold the ring while the rest of the team can do whatever they want.

Koth is better, but at least is nice to try something new. The best part of it is that is a 5v5 and the game felt alive for the first time in months.

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Played a round on Ice Bound and while everyone were “inside” defending the ring (enforcer and torque spawn), you could break the ring while hugging the wall “outside”. This required for some to be outside but they would be lancered from afar and they had to back again. There was nothing easy about holding those rings.

That is the main idea of the game, one holds the ring meaning that the “defending” team will have 1 less gun fighting those going for the ring.

Only played 2 games but I do believe Control has the potential to replace KOTH. Tactics were very different.

Great mode overall, too bad TC hasn’t hired any bots so you’re relying on RNG to be lucky enough to have 8 human players.

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Whether king is better or not it’s not here to replace I’d imagine but it’d certainly be a welcomed addition into ranked to me.

I’d also say KOTH is easier to hold the rings as they’re far smaller and you haven’t got to stay inside once captured, as someone mentioned too you can be very sneaky hugging walls out of view stopping the opposition claiming the ring

If they sort the eye-sore rings out this could be a fantastic game mode. One of very few positives out of operation 6

As being a noob in PvP, I liked it and spreyer map seems good for this mod

5v5? I can’t even get into a game that is 4v4. It’s usually 1v4 or 2v4


I thought it was garbage, but I actually liked it way more that KOTH.

I played a couple of 5v5 matches and it was glorious. Too bad the vast majority of the games I played were 4v4. Why don’t we have bots in casual QuickPlay matches again? They need to be brought back ASAP. I’d rather have a bot than nobody at all.

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So they just renamned KOTH Blitz and made the ring bigger?

Not really a new mode but i absolutely loved the randomness of the ring itself. Sometimes it was low, sometimes at eye level, sometimes 20ft in the air, and sometimes there were multiple decoy rings on my screen.

I only played one game that was 5v5 and it was glorious!

Were you high while playing the game?


Stack players seem to have MORE advantages in Control than in KOTH.

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