Control: suggestions and changes

Hi, I have some ideas to improve the new game mode “control”

  1. Remove the ring and replace it with an area boundary.

Seeing a ring makes me feel like I’m playing KOTH, plus the ring goes through walls. It is very easy to outwit the system by hiding behind a wall by touching the ring so that the enemies do not accumulate points. By having an area delimitation, the enemies will have to enter and fight until there is a winning team.

  1. The rotation of areas is exactly equal to KOTH.

The control areas are the same KOTH rings, I would like the control areas to be totally new or random areas, so the gameplay would have its own essence.

  1. Use infrequently used weapons

We have weapons never seen before in other Gears, but those weapons are in very few maps.
It would be great to see the GL lancer, claw, Mace on other maps. This would make the game not feel like just another variant.

  1. Gearpoints in rank (if it ever arrives)

Removing CAPTURE and BREAK, taking them into account would lead to massive GP farming.

I propose to add two new sections called “CONTROL” and “DISPUTE”. Both sections would be counted in seconds. Control: Counted by the seconds you spend inside the area increasing the team’s points
Dispute: counted by the seconds you spend fighting inside the area preventing enemies from accumulating points

How would we get GP?
Every second in “Control” and “Dispute” They would have a value per GP
For example: 1 second equals 2 GP
the goal to win is 250, if you get 250 seconds, at the end of the round you would have 500 GP

What you think? It would be great to see a truly new game mode, not one more variant of KOTH
I share some examples of my ideas:

(Sorry for the bad english)

If you know Spanish, I invite you to see my video on Youtube: CONTROL EN RANKEDS: PROPUESTAS Y SUGERENCIAS ¿QUÉ ME GUSTARIA VER? - YouTube

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This mode and all modes in general with 5v5 would be much better and more hectic, along with what you say would be perfect!