Control schemes editor

Why there is no possibility to manage control schemes the way i want. I just want to have an opportunity to split “evade” and “take cover” button. I tired of evading instead of taking cover. I died because of this hundreds of times…

I’ve mentioned this before.

It’s not difficult and would solve a couple of things I truly hate about this game:

  • The chainsaw being on RB (Hold) instead of B, where it belongs.
  • Executions being back on Y instead of awkwardly on B.

Terrible decisions made by uninformed amateurs.

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One of the biggest surprises after switching from PC to xbox was the lack of control customization, other games on console have it, PC has it but Gears console doesn’t? (Yes I know I downgraded, I just wanted to play versus without everyone complaining PC this PC that).

It’s not a matter of technical limitations or hardware shortcomings, TC simply decided to have it that way. Why? Because TC “works in mysterious ways” :smile:

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