Control Mapping Done Right

So I had enough of Gears 5 and decided to play a game that was actually fully developed before being released, Star Wars: Fallen Order. I was having a look through the option and it inspired this post.

Do you all remember when we were told about the “button mapping” which would give us almost total customisation capabilities over our preferred button configuration? Remember how when it was actually revealed it was actually sincerely limiting and you couldn’t put specific functions to a certain button? Well look at this:

It’s clearly not impossible to do. Personally I would’ve been happier with this type of menu, it would’ve given the option to put the chainsaw back on B and the executions back on Y rather than the mess it’s currently in.

Take note, TC.


While I agree that the control mapping could be improved, I think its also important to consider that Gear 5 has been praised by many disability groups for being one of the most accommodating games to ever exist for disabled gamers. Check out this article.

I only offer this comment because lately many people want to assume TC is full of ignorant and lazy people, and while there have been many questionable choices, its stuff like this that shows their hearts are in the right place.

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Fair enough for bringing it to people’s attention, but I must clarify that I’m aware of these features in regards to disability. It’s obviously a kind and decent thing that they’ve implemented said features to help people of varying disabilities have a chance at enjoying the game.

Didn’t know that. That’s pretty cool. Kudos TC.

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