Control leaderboards

People are already doing scrubby things. Top guy atm has 3 games played and over 750,000 points.


leaderboards = boosting

i remember the gears 3 leaderboards…

same thing happened with blitz on UE, step in and step out of the ring.


People are so scrubby lol. I hope TC actually routinely goes through the leaderboard and gets rid of the obvious boosters.

this will happen at the end of every single op from now on.

finish the weekend in the top 950 or whatever and think the job is done? people gonna boost last second and drop you out of the top 1000 and bye bye your rewards

i warned TC about leaderboards before gears 5 came out, i think it was actually my first post on here.


I’m not even touching Ranked/Competitive this season. Rewards skins aren’t that great imo. And I don’t like, having to keep grinding my way to stay in the top 1000… :roll_eyes:


Thanks, PC guys. Thanks.


This has nothing to do with pc or console

Yeah I mean I got a full time job…lol I can’t sit around playing video games all day.

Dumb system.


This is a complete joke. Leaderboard is only a good idea if they are being monitored to prevent this from happening lol.


It’s not only PC guys. I’m seeing multiple pro players in on the action too based on points per match score.

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Leaderboards that only account for time played / boosted are about as worthless as the time spent playing / boosting them. I’m not saying the dangling of some skins is a pure desperation ‘please play our game 24/7’ move from TC, as it does take a certain type to be seduced in such a way, bu-ut…

So 2006.

I thought a lot of games did away with these as they are handy population guides.


The more I’m seeing, the more I think it’s actually just miscalculating score rather than boosting. It’s happening in all modes.

I already hit “1,000,000” in 2v2 and ended up getting the banner, despite me not having a million points.

Leaderboards need to be reset til they figure out what’s wrong.

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Answer: the game