Control (King of the hill) 5v5

please, bring back Control(king of the hill) in ranked match 5v5

I agree, but there is 1178 topics about just this


The game is too dead for 5v5 if competitive is anything to go by

I like 4v4 better. And I prefer Control over Koth.

5v5 In general and Koth are fun to play more loosely. “Tryhard” matches in 5v5 (especially in gametypes where the main focus is typically on one area of the map at a time) often get already too Lancer/crossfire-heavy because you can cover more lines of sight with your team, especially in Koth as you can set up further around the ring when nobody needs to stay in the ring. It’s the worst on maps with lots of variation in height, such as Training Grounds. 4v4 also allows more frequent 1v1’s, which I personally like.

5v5 though, as I mentioned above, is fun to play when people aren’t taking it very seriously. I often play quickplay first before going into competitive because I can move around more freely and get into larger fights more frequently, which is both fun and good for warming up.

That’s my take on team sizes and Control vs Koth.

Bring back control KOTH 5v5.

Long live KOTH!!!