Control is boring af

Bring king of the hill back to ranked

Control is just one round and it’s like your play tdm .

Change the omen back aswell ,

Change back the separate quick play play list . I don’t want to be forced to play guardian .

Pc players have clear advantage of Xbox with the input lag so either give the Xbox the same or nerf the responsiveness on input lag on the pc .

Swear you go backwards tc .
Was looking forward to op 7 but these changes was very unnecessary and no one asked for those things . Wasting more time again when it’s needed to be used or making new content


The operation has been out for an hour, give things some time before you start calling for everything to be changed back.

Play private matches, you get xp and tour progress there now.

Not going to happen, and I would say the imput lag difference is probably 20-30Ms at most, thats not exactly a game changer.


might just want feedback or see the numbers on what’s more popular.

I too only play KOTH religiously, so hoping the numbers won’t lie


Is the lancer taking like 10 more shots to secure a downed kill or is it just me? Lol is this game mode specific?


I’m surprised KOTH was removed to be honest…I’ve been playing it literally every day during this pandemic with my brother…This might be the reason for us to stop playing at this point.


I play on series x and you can see the advantage.

Eg they can up a you even though you’ve started the animation before them for example .
And I can tell I’ve got a advantage over normal xboxes doing the same thing .

It is unfair when it comes down to pure sweat matches that mean something and you want to win

The fov slider gives no advantage whatsoever too .

  1. What you’re seeing is latency. I have Xbox players do this to me all the time and I’m on PC.

  2. The FoV slider gives a wider field of view so if anything is advantageous it’s this.


Could of just put a poll on all social platforms
Like with every other decision they’ve come up with then game would be in a much better spot from what it is now

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I’ll take control over koth any day

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not necessarily, the amount of ppl who would’ve voted is small compared to the amount of players actually playing the game

Literally tdm with a ring

Slow and boring

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could you not??

I’ll pay you a McChicken to change your stance

Control is better. Wish it was 2 rounds tho.




Better than koth imo

seeing how guardian, tdm, esca, and exe are going to be no limit for team size in ranked, why can’t we simply get koth 5v5 while keeping control 4v4?



Agreed, only reason I can think of is because the players would split between the two modes.
Control should go back to quickplay


they should do it, have both in competitive, and then demote the one with fewer player count to quickplay

my money on koth

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Hi we’re tc and we like to piss off our fan base .

How can you take the most played mode out the game in ranked ?

Oh but tc thought damn we’ve made this amazing game mode and force you to play it , even though it’s a awful version of hard point that from call of duty.

How can you have solid coloured rings floating mid air and obstruct players views ?

Why don’t they have it on the floor like the touchdown zones on gridiron ?

Or is that too much common sense ?