Control Free For All Special Event?

Combine Control and Free For All for a Special Event perhaps?.

I don’t remember having a Free For All objective based event before, so it’s something fresh.

All the functional requirements are already in the game, so it wouldn’t take too much work right?.

  • 8 Players
  • 7 Second fixed player respawn
  • Standard maps
  • Spawn with Gnasher only
  • Standard weapon pickups
  • Control sized ring
  • Ring only drains with one person inside
  • First to 210 points

Maybe the spawns would be an issue with a giant ring in Free For All due to available spawn space?.

Maybe the ring would have to be fixed in the centre of the map?.

Or maybe the ring would work better with the size it is in King of the Hill?. I don’t know.

It would need play testing and working out, but I think it’s possible with the tools TC currently have.

Just a suggestion for a possible Special Event.


Not a bad idea but points SHOULDN’T be 210 points. Crazy King from Halo 3 was 100pts for a win and those games on average took 10mins to making Control FFA would be like 20-25min matches depending on the map.

Only difference is in Halo they respawned every 3sec I think. the 7sec respawn might help a bit but I think it should be somewhere in the 100s far as points, too many people trying to keep will just drag it out.

What if kills within the ring gave a point bonus? Or kills general also gave points (in addition to holding the ring).

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So it would be like Lone Wolf KOTH from Halo. It would be pretty cool to have a variety of FFA game modes instead of just being kills. I doubt it will change in Gears 5 but maybe in Gears 6 TC could look at having objective based versions but also having Halo style modes such as Breaker Mace only or Fiesta style where you spawn with random weapons.

Edit: I know this would “ruin” ranked FFA but if it gets more players playing FFA then that is a great thing.

at least FFA Quickplay on the FFA Maps with 14 player. Is very well attended

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That could be interesting. FFA with an objective. I kind of like that idea. I feel like 210 points would take a long time though. Might have to lower the number.

Would it be a large ring? Seems if it were Control size ring to would be very hard to not have someone in it at all times. If it were small , you could actually keep people out.

If it were a larger ring, could multiple people get points for being in it?

What if the holder of the ring got a stim shield?

Anyway, if TC wanted to give this a run I’d love to try something like this.

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Wow. This is an amazing idea.

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Dude, that’d be badass. I’d love a FFA mode where you had to capture and defend a position on the map to score points.

Brilliant idea.

I’d make it 14 players and have 2 or 3 different rings so it’s not too chaotic in one area of the map.

Funny how the community is so good at coming up with fun gameplay ideas but TC drops the ball with everything new that they try. Why can’t TC come up with good ideas like this? Didn’t even require much thought, but god forbid they actually do something cool that excites the PvP fans for once.

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