Continue open world format with gears 6?

Just wondering what people’s thoughts on this are. I know 5 could have had more stuff to do in its open world segments, but if gears 6 did just that would people like that? Or would you rather it stay liner?

I think random engagements and vehicle battles would be cool. It isn’t like they haven’t had them before ( I’m referring mostly to 2) and with new hardware they could populate the maps much more, with building, explosions, firefights in the distance. You could make the open world part a whole battlefield. More collectables, and potentially an up upgradeable vehicle.

6 is a long ways away, but I thought it would be fun to hear others opinions.


Please no, Act 3 is possibly the most boring part of a Gears campaign I’ve ever played. Whole load of running around for nothing with only some mind numbing dialogue from the characters to pass the time.

Act 2 I’d give a pass because it was the first time I’d experienced it but by Act 3 it had certainly run its course, also liked the New Hope Facility part so that distracted me from the boring fetch stuff.

I played up to the end of Act 3 with a friend recently, we’d beat all of the original trilogy on insane together back in the day and beat UE twice on insane just because it was fun. He said he had never been so bored in his life playing a Gears campaign, running around going back and forth. He had no interest in finish Act 4 after Act 3 and after running into loads of bugs and glitches still present six months after release said it was the worst Gears campaign he’d ever played.

I honestly kind of agree with him, the open world parts are too empty and seem like a huge waste of time. I even said there’s no open world stuff in Act 4 but he’d just completely had enough at that point. Hope they don’t come back personally.



End of discussion.


A mixture of both might be okay. I would have liked to see more vehicles, than just a Skiff. If the open world map was big enough, then piloting a King Raven could be possible.


I’d be fine with them returning. I didn’t really feel bored in those segments.

But they could probably do something more in them, if they are brought back, to make those who disliked them not be as bored. It’s certainly not like going through a full fledged open world in Act 2/3.


Problem is, it didn’t feel “open world” at all, but rather a bunch of linear fetch quests loosely chained together and separated by great space. This was just about the worst way to do an open world I wouldn’t want to see it again. The point of open world is to give you the sense that you’re truly exploring and discovering things organically. Not to just make you run back and forth to complete a structured story line.


I agree it’s not actually"open world " but I don’t know what else to call it lol. But if they added random encounters, with vehicle battles, and more meaningful (and optional) side quest it could become a much more engaging place.

For example what if you were one of the drivers in settlement 2 going and picking up civilians. And the map itself was littered with small engagements for you to participate in on your way to the next segment or objective.

I see potential, it just needs to be built upon, not just a transition hub to the next story segment.


It was ok ish once, but it gets old fast. Random enemy encounters would help a lot. I think varying quests each week would help too, it would certainly give campaign players a reason to update.


Yea, they just need to expand on in imo


I liked it. It felt huge!
Not too much though.

Have to give TC credit for the campaign. To me it was great!

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It was interesting the first time around but I don’t really think the game gained much by having it. Act 1 was by far the most enjoyable for me so I’d like them to just extract the essence and quality of that act and make a campaign out of it, albeit with 100% less stealth sections.

On that note my problem with the skiff and open world is the same as the stealth sections: it’s nice that they experimented but they’re not terribly fleshed out or groundbreaking changes in the grand scheme of things. The novelty wore off eventually.

No they need to get rid of it. What you described sounds a lot like Rage 2 and Ubisoft games. Why on Earth would you want that for Gears? Shooters work better as linear games.

No, fair play they tried and it was not a disaster but it is not needed in a Gears game. The original trilogy did linear gameplay with aplomb, so it is not hard.

Credit TC for getting rid of the “Horde” bits that crept in at J and that they put into 4, they were very tiresome.


Lol, I forgot about that. “Hey kids, today we’re going to learn how to play Horde!”
As much as I love Horde, it felt so odd having it as campaign filler.

It was even worse in 4 when they decided to make it 3 waves.

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Pass. Unless they make it really fun. I would rather they have the split path options like in Gears 1 rather than the open world exploration “hunt for collectibles” excess game padding. Give me a focused story experience.


If you could actually have a fight in the open world, then maybe some open areas would work. But it was just skiff travel, with a dodge from lightning here and there nothing else.

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This is why it failed for me, if done correctly (which is apparently too much to ask of TC nowadays) I’d welcome it. But if it’s just more of what we got in 5–don’t do it.

But seeing as it was something they promoted in this game pre-release, I see it coming to 6 as well.

No, please no.

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I was fine with the open world segments of 5, and I hope it returns. Best to keep it a mix of open and linear though.

I really don’t get why some insist Act II (not 3) is pointless. Maybe they are biased against exploration and just want corridor shooting in a game like this.

The obvious point to me of Act II besides a change of pace and exploration, was to allow the player to collect more useful upgrades for Jack. It also allowed for bringing in heavy weapons on the skiff, which helped immensely in cases like the harder derrick with Pouncers.

That said, the Abandoned Mine mission had a huge flaw where Jack insisted on attacking at the worst possible time and taking damage. Once I even saw him for no reason Zap the Juvie nest lying in the little room between the two big rooms, which caused a Super spawn of Juvies.

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