Continuation of my "Getting trolled by TC" posts

So, we start off again. I had made 2 posts about me showing my clips of me getting gib ranged 30%'s, complete phantom shots, etc, etc. on Gears 4, but all Gears 4 threads were deleted when Gears 5 came out strangely.
And within only a week and some change of Gears 5 being out. I have around 30+ clips of hit detection issues.
And to be clear, my ping is perfectly fine, in case someone says that it’s my ping that’s causing the issues.
I’m not harping on the game calling it horrible, but just showing hitreg with good connection/different angles.

Keep in mind, Xbox has an issue with Gears 5 clips. So you may not be able to see all of these at certain times.

Hit Detections:
Hit Detection 1: No clue if this should’ve been a gib or not.
Hit Detection 2: So much for the bullet magnet stuff everyone’s talking about…
Hit Detection 3: So inconsistent. Sometimes, this would be a gib/down, this time, not.
Hit Detection 4: Like, really? That’s NEARLY point blank…
Hit Detection 5: Judging by this game’s hit detection already, this should’ve been a head shot.
Hit Detection 6: Again, nearly point blank, all 12 pellets hit. What’s the deal?
Hit Detection 7: This one’s a meh. Should’ve done more damage.
Hit Detection 8: TC, you, and I have no reason behind this not being a head shot. Don’t lie.
Hit Detection 9: 71%… really?
Hit Detection 10: Before this clip started, he got hit with 2 lancer bullets. Just as a FYI.
Hit Detection 11: Apparently, I didn’t slowmo/trim this one. Riperino.
Hit Detection 12: Well then. 3 shots to gib him… Mkkkk.
Hit Detection 13: Clear head shot into a swarm from 20 feet away. No down/kill.
Hit Detection 14: 3 feet from target, all 12 pellets hit, and only 98%.
Hit Detection 15: Weird hit detection head shot.
Hit Detection 16: Yet again, 3 feet from target in CLEAR gib range, and still not kill.
Hit Detection 17: Up-a into 79%.
Hit Detection 18: I should not have killed this guy at all.
Hit Detection 19: Another up-a into a 79%.
Hit Detection 20: Up-a into a 97%.
Hit Detection Headshot 1: This always happens.
Hit Detection Headshot 2: This has to be by far one of my worst hit reg encounters.
Hit Detection Headshot 3: Yet another denied headshot.
Hit Detection Headshot 4: Boltok headshot issue.

Flashbang Glitch 1: I have no idea why this happens.
Flashbang Glitch 2: Again, this should not be an issue.
Feel like I’m playing Rainbow 6 Siege…
Knifed this Batista in the chest, and the server didn’t register it. Look at the end of the kill cam.
I guess this could be counted as Hit Detection 13.
Berserker got that MAD THICC range.
I honestly don’t know what to say about this hit reg.
We both shot hit at the same time. He should of been gibbed. Easily.
Fragged through cover. Just like you can be flashed through cover.
Boom Shot goes CLEAN through the Scion’s body.
No clue how my shots didn’t register before he revived her
This bot just destroyed my soul.
Introducing new Swarm Swiffer WetJet!
Up-a’d a 98% within gib range.