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So I had a friend come over and watched me played gears 5. You cant imagine his turn off when every skin i showed him i had to also tell him that at this point he wouldn’t be able to obtain or play with them and immediately all his interest went out the window because he saw a game that he would never get to enjoy like he wanted to enjoy it. Same thing goes for any player that picks up this game a year down the road. Does tc seriously plan on not providing anything extra besides the maps and basic characters that have nothing special and only take time to grind for even though many are in the main game. Cause seriously guys TC cant be this deluded to not think about the future of the game alongside the present? Guess not and I’m just making this thread for anyone with stories of people you know being turned off by things this game and company have been doing. Tc needs to really start thinking more about the longevity of the game opposed to this by season. They probably havent even started working on op 4 with gears tactics and the fact that they whip out operation skins and rewards from there ■■■ (no more tour banners, it is the most useless part of tour and I’ve have never a single time since the games been out seen any player use one). Just mistakes upon lack of clarity upon a clearly broken game. Sometimes I find myself staring at the opening screen just seriously asking myself why I support a franchise so closed off and distant from the consumer. To them they are making their game. Not a game for gears .


While I agree with the premise, most games do the same thing. You have some skin exclusivity for playing special events or playing the game from day 1.

That said most things should make a return at some point IMHO.

I really wish people wouldn’t think that skins are what makes a game enjoyable though.


The skins dont make the game enjoyable, more consumer friendly as if appeals to a wider variety of people having more openingly available skins. Or a like a store that holds on to all content its released for unlimited sales of everything? Just seems like they are playing their cards real wrong in a lot of these situations. And most modern games (in my opinion) suck lol. Everything focused on money instead of gaming and it really takes me out of any game world or experience. Boutta cop metro exodus though, heard that’s a full game in one package

I do agree the store on Gears 5 is crap.

So little to choose from.

And I do agree keep the exclusivity of the skins in tour, (they need better weapon skins) but as for people outside of that TC really provides nothing

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All theses companies want that GTA/Fortnite money


Well, GOW4 did the same thing but in a different format - Gear Packs were only available for short periods, but they eventually became craftable, so I suspect at some point they will become available in some form. Not sure how though. Could be earnable again, craftable or purchased.

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Scrap? Besides buying totems for characters and what else?? A flag or something? What is the point of all this scrap???

At least with 4 there was plenty of craftable skins from launch and at this point in its life


If you play horde or escape, you won’t have any excess scrap.


See, I wouldnt know that. Lol

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You know GTA Online made like 6 billion dollars from 2014-2019?

I remember it won the “Most profitable entertainment product of the decade.”

They tried to do the same thing with Red Dead Online, sadly–different audience. They don’t want none of that GTA Online crap.

Really? Your friend’s ability to enjoy a game is contingent on his immediate access to character skins? Skins that have no bearing on the actual game and are only for cosmetic reasons? You know, he’s starting to sound a lot like a fortnite player if he’s completely lost without his skins.


Idk, for me it’s less skins but Skins that I enjoy or something to earn. In past games (3, 4) it felt like you earned a lot of skins pretty commonly. In 5 it’s maybe 3-4 a month.

It’s less of an issue in a FPS like Titanfall or Siege or something.

But in a TPS (especially one with a history of nice looking, free and unlockable skins) it may matter more to some people. I’ll say for me it won’t stop me from playing because I can’t use certain skins, but it doesn’t work as an incentive if the gameplay isn’t fun to begin with and there’s not much to earn.

I would imagine Gears Tactics wouldn’t have much effect on TC developing content for Gears 5. After all, it is being developed by Splash Damage.

And I would imagine TC already know what is coming in Op 4 in terms of its characters, maps, modes and content. Or at least 95% of it. These companies plan out things in advance a lot more than people think.

I do think they should put the content in supply at some point. Or put behind some permanent medal system.

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Yeah thats the downfall of having skins tied to ops and events. It does appease true fans though. TC should add more skins that are craftable or earned through a totem. Then bring an archive tab of every skin or item ever put in the store. TC wins and the players win but lose their coin.

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Your write up was very well worded, organized and it made clear the value of considering your suggested train of thought.
I then skimmed and saw valid points about exclusivity and feeling like you’ve earned something special.
There truly may be a middle ground and like you stressed in your opening paragraph they need to think about it in parallel with thinking about “right now”.
Thanks for this - I hope TC reads it. A large store where people have many things to spend money on would result in many money for them. If those many things did not include the “special/exclusive” one shot things then so be it - as long as it was clear at the time whether a purchaser would have the chance to finish a set and whether this was their one and only chance to buy.
Roll all of those considerations together and you get a lot more people happy/interested and you get a lot more money.
Seems stupid to not at least consider those things :smiley:

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Most games doing it doesn’t make it OK. FOMO tactics need to go.


Agree. But you are smart enough to know companies model what other, usually more successful, companies do. The trend will hold until one day a new company creates a more popular or profitable trend.

The source of the more popular or profitable trend can either appear out of magic or TC could read this post, and become a trendsetter instead of a lemming.

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