Constructive frustration I would like to Express I hope that gets addressed

I want to start this by prefacing I only want the game and its developers to succeed immensely. But I do want to vent a frustration that has been evident since gears of war 4 and has now bled into gears 5, and that is the mishandling or bugging of events any significant launch of content.

It seems ever since gears of war 4 we have had multiple gameplay events/content drops postponed due to an error or bug around 60% of the time and with gears 5 if you add up all the weeks it’s been out we have not gone 1 weekend without stat tracking not working, double stars not being awarded properly, Hives not launching on time, and exp events delayed (so 100% of the weekends since launch) I understand theres a lot of behind the scenes issues I am probably not aware of and by no means am I trying to be an armchair developer but I just want to get legitmantly excited for an event without some sort of error, that may be a fantasy land but a lot of these things should be fine combed before release without discovering a breaking error last minute and delaying it.

Once again just want to enjoy and support this game please do better in this regard as I dont want this pattern to continue and I know the developers also want the same


The events will magically start working once most people don’t have boost anymore.


The game is just an attempt to appeal to modernity for cash. They’re trying to emasculate the game by dropping the “of war” and making it cartoonised. Appealing to the old fans isn’t where the money is at these days.

During the tech test, I said that it was more like an alpha and that the first few months of the game would be the beta.

The game should’ve been delayed.