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Constructive Feedback On G5

Okay first of all you need to fix the hit detection let’s get that out of the way. It’s basically Gears of war 4 83% all over again.

Then there is the absolutely atrocious sound quality of characters movements, gunfire etc. Like i can’t even determine where sounds are coming from. I can hear characters footsteps from across the map.

Then the omni directional rolling? i try to roll left and my character goes right… And the grenade blast radius is basically like a nuke unavoidable… This needs to be addressed asap PLEASE.



I had that Guardian match clutched man. Sniped the leader from a distance and his teammate. Sniped the dude at close range who had Breaker Mace. Gibbed the enemy with a Gnasher. And just as I am about to take the last one out I roll left when I undoubtedly said to roll right and it’s right into the enemies cross hairs.

Not to mention point blank shooting an enemy in a later round and doing like no damage with a full spread.

I attempted to record it but of course, in typical fashion, Game Bar only recorded the last 2 seconds of it.

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I’ll comment on the gunfire audio.

When I first played the G4 beta the first thing I noticed was the shots in the distance actually sounded like suppressed fire. I love that detail to this day in G4. I was disappointed to see that they changed the audio in 5. Maybe the current audio helps you orient yourself against shots better, but I don’t like it as much.

I also liked how it deafened you while you were automatic firing the lancer, making it useful to NOT fire and listen for your opponents.

I feel you on the rolling in the exact opposite direction that you wanted. Happened to me so often already it isn’t funny(and that I lost count)… worst part being, this only happens when I’m playing online modes. No such issues as going in the opposite direction of the intended roll direction in Campaign. It hasn’t screwed me over so far but it has made me want to curse the game when I was doing Last Stand on Master as Mac and one of the two who wasn’t yet downed at the ending, and wanted to roll forward to get outside right by the exit, but I bloody rolled backwards! Thankfully, it seemed as if the Swarm were so dumbfounded by this happening that I was barely shot before I got out again.

Forget recording using that. Use Nvidia Shadowplay buddy. Works a treat and never fails, unlike the gamebar.

I’ve over 100gb of gears 5 footage recorded using it

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I do use Nvidia.

Sadly, it was deactivated without any input from me. :man_facepalming:

That’s why I tried to use Gamebar which is normally deactivated but now it was activated.

Alt+z should bring it up. I’ll help you get it running again next time I see you online, as I’ve had that problem before too

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I’ve fixed it.

Basically for some reason Windows defaulted to Gamebar and disabled Nvidia. I opened Nvidia and saw it was off so I reenabled it.

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Fix gw502 error, fix hit registration, fix lancers, fix gib range or at least make it consistent , fix punishing players for not quitting, fix the store, fix ranked team balancing, fix afks, fix quitters, fix…nvm, just remake the game from scratch you’ll have a better shot at getting it right.


pretty much yeah hahahahaha it’s just a skeleton of a game released. Why just release a frame.

Pfffffft. Stop complaining Swagg. Just git gud


This game is a joke of a Gears. But the points you have made (bar th shotgun) are the opposite of reality.

If you have a two can headset (if you don’t what on earth are you playing online games without one?) You basically have an audio radar. It’s almost impossible for people to sneak up on you if you have a headset.

Omni directional fix = turn it off.

Agreed with most of the points.
Fixing hit detection of the gnasher is essential. The amount of times I can be gibbed by a missed shot without completely losing my shet must be in single figures by now.
It’s obviously gonna fall on deaf ears but if we could lose those damn terminators and the mace that’d be good too.
Oh and the knife melee.

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Just FYI i have a pair of $200 sennheiser headphones (professional studio quality) and i still can’t determine where the hell the sounds of my opponents are coming from. Not to mention when grenades are thrown they sometimes detonate without a sound. Omni-directional roll doesn’t prevent my character from going to the correct side either. I can still roll to the left but instead my character will roll to the opposite direction for some strange reason.

The game is just broken and there are errors in the scripts and coding. TC released an unfinished game and is updating it throughout it’s lifetime. However it is UNPLAYABLE so far and should not have been released with all these bugs.

Also try to compare Gears 4 sound to Gears 5 and then tell me if you can hear a difference.


Thats my FB

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I use Sennies too HD 25’s but I can honestly say I have never had a problem with footstep audio and where people are.
But yes the nades are a joke! They often detonate without prior warning, the blast radius is very inconsistent,

TC have failed miserably on almost every aspect of this game, Operation 2 will be the make or break of this game. If they get it wrong (I don’t have much faith) then this game will be Dead.

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Hmmm that’s strange maybe i have to tinker in the settings menu or it may not be so much the footstep rather than the volume of where they are coming from. However, yes seeing as how much work gears 5 needs (as it was released prematurely and just a frame of a game) I don’t see OP2 changing much apart from just a few medals. Sure there will be like 2 new game modes/maps/characters but that’ll get old real fast when players are reminded they can’t get a kill where they should have. Come January gears will be dead again.

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