Constructive Criticism V1

Obviously this is my opinion and advice.

I’m going to start with overall impression, the game feels good, but there is so many minor things going wrong. They throw off the Gears vibe, let me explain:

I’m going to list the problems I believe are sinking your ship, so to speak.

  1. Movement and shot delay. This didn’t exist in G3, if there is one thing I wish you would just copy and paste and refine, its G3’s movement.
  2. All your weapons are stupid overpowered. Including the gnasher . You need to take whatever the damage for everything is right now and cut it in half.

I’ll explain, in previous Gears a fight felt like a brawl, you had to be accurate land solid shots, use your movement, and use strategy to out play your opponent. I don’t feel like that can be said anymore. I feel it’s do, to just dying so fast. It gives the same vibe I get when I play CoD honestly, which bores me after 30 mins of playing.

  1. Stop focusing on eSports. Your building the game for a minority. Majority of us aren’t pros and would rather have a gritty brawl of a match where you get sweaty palms and angry then when you win, get that one last yeah mother… over your opponent. I haven’t felt that with 4 or 5.
  2. Give people the option if they do or do not want to cross play. I personally don’t want to be crossplayed with PC user in a PVP element of any style, I like the fact with Xbox everyone has the same playing field, it’s not like that with PC.

Bonus: Stop catering to the casuals. They are going to play your game and move on as soon as another game releases.

Oh, Escape Mode is brilliance! Great idea.


I just need to say this but, what would escape mode be like if the swarm were replaced with the locust? :thinking:

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Good crit, especially number three. Issues need to be fixed, glitches need to be patched, eSports is the last thing needed to be focused on. I, personally, think eSports for Gears is not needed. There are other ways to get the attention of new players.

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Totally agree.

Nice thread. They really need to change a lot in order for this to be considered Gears of war to me lol…

Such as these stuff:

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Spot on regarding how Gears used to be a brawl and this made it seriously fun. Gears 5 is just crap.

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Hands up whos bored of the same old s**t people keep writting about the gnasher in every single Gears release. If you want picture perfect level performance gear session heres a suggestion, get your mates round and tell them to bring all their Xbox’s with them, all plug into a 1000mb switch and into each Xbox, Start a LAN Party and dont install any gears updates whatsoever, fire up the game and take every Xbox offline…now crack open the tizer and haribo and proceed to play ping free, shot registering bang on. :weary:

Tizer and haribo :drooling_face:

Has nothing to do with registering. Damage is way to high on everything. 11 shots from a full auto gun isn’t Gears. And LAN parties are an extremely good time.