Constantly stuck on gridlock and clocktower maps

What happened to the other maps I’m always being dumped on either clocktower or gridlock. I’m burned out on these two maps.


That’s how it is…

People can’t get enough of the same maps apparently…

I can live without them, played them for over 14 years , I believe, & they’re good maps …

But me & you both exhausted.

Maybe the hype will die off soon & you can get other maps.

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Gamers fatigue. I got burned out from these two maps.

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First 3 games of Op 5 yesterday on Clocktower…

Is it a case of people just constantly voting for them all the time?

If so they really need to ditch the voting system, I’d much rather the entire map roster was queued…


Depending on what rank you are( bronze to gold) you will most likely be getting the new maps voted every game. You can thank Tc for coming out with an achievement to win on all the new maps in a ranked game. People like me, who never play ranked, play for 5 hours Tuesday and if I didn’t get a new map I tried to end the game as quick as possible(feeding lives)

I know, pissing me off that the map Regency never comes up during versus so I can’t get the stars, since you can’t get the stars in private. Stupid stuff as usual from TC. I even played rank and that map never shows up only Clock Tower.

I think I played clocktower like 40 times I got burnt out on it after 25 times.

I have only had Clocktower once. Gridlock and River though, lol, all the time.

I was fortunate for the achievement that I won matches on Regency, Nexus and Clocktower first attempt as they have not appeared since!

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I haven’t seen any other maps besides clocktower and gridlock I’m sick of those two maps.