Constantly having GW502 crashes on PC

At this point, I have had too many crashes to count when playing Gears 5. It doesn’t
matter what I’m doing, I will always get random crashes, with no way to fix it.

I have tried to reduce all of my visual settings to see if that helps at all, but nothing changes, and the game still crashes.

Me too :frowning:

Almost all the time crash gw502 with cinematic of the end of levels

I was forced to put all setting in low to pass the end of act 1

Rx vega 56

In 4k it’s unplayable crash during levels
In 2k (wqhd) playable but crash during end cinematic

Latest driver 19.9 with proper installation

A lot of people seem to be having the issue but nobody seems to be responding from TC. I think its because there are small threads floating aroiund but nothing dedicated so I went ahead an made one, if you could go in there and say youre having the issue then please do.

Also to mention, all of my drivers on my PC are up-to-date.

Possibly a problem with newest nvidia drivers. Try the older ones as mentioned here:

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For me, I would get the error every time I played and I finally figured it out, as long as my FPS is 90 or lower, I’m good, because if the temperature of that computer gets over 77 degrees C, gw502 error, every single time…

CPU or GPU? (I presume CPU)

It may be worth looking at taking it out, cleaning out dust and putting it back in again (or updating your cooling solution)