Constant stuttering on GTX 770 + i74770k

Hi guys.

My rig seems to be under-performing quite a bit. I get that it’s not a top of the line system, but there’s no way it should be running this bad (especially since Gears 4 ran flawlessly). Any ideas on how to fix this?


I suggest working your way up from the bottom.

Set everything on low, run the benchmark again and see what your fps is like. Then start upping things in small sections and rest as you go.

I was able to run the game on my spare pc that has an RX 460 (2gb) at 60fps solid with a mix of medium/low settings.

Let me know how you get on

tried this. put everything to its lowest and still stuttering like crazy :frowning:

What driver version are you on buddy?

the latest one that was released on the 10th

Could you do one more test? Run the benchmark, but have the task manager open, on the performance tab, so you can see the GPU usage.

Take note of the GPU usage during the test and report back what it was at?