Constant Packet loss issue

You are right friend, the same thing happens to me Gears 5 is the only game that is giving me problems in playing competitive games and not only that has taken me out of the departure, all this started from Operation 8.

Games all games online without problems Halo 5 Halo MCC Battlefield 4 among others and here it is giving me these inconveniences also I have my Open Nat that is not the problem either.


I think the lag causes a lot of the problems I have trying to play the game, like constantly jamming on cover when I move, not being able to fire or switch weapons, reloads jamming or missing, shots not registering or doing minimal damage and getting hit when I think I am in cover.
It may also account for why I get downed or killed by explosive weapons or grenades when I think I am way outside their range, as I guess what I see on screen doesn’t match what the server or other players see, but this still doesn’t account for other things like going down (or occasionally dying) from less than 100% damage ?.!Av_5CyHV6npukFM0gT-4HdpeBCHO

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I have the same problem. Packet loss. When I join a match I have that icon. Recently I have noticed that when I play on 120fps mode I have that problem. Then I exit the match. Change to 60 fps then rejoin and problem solved. Can’t play on 120 FPS anymore. This problem started on OP 8. I have Xbox series s and LG cx

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I will do this test brother. If it works I’ll post it here too.