Constant Packet loss issue

Australian player
US servers
Uncharacteristic lag (not just from higher ping)
Have the 2 box logo down the bottom on console.
Tried a wired connection.
On xbox one x.

Any advice or guidance on what could be causing this?
Game is borderline unplayable now.

Im unfamiliar with connection issues if this is a bit of a dumb question.

Any help appreciated

Since your connecting to US servers theres probably not much you can do.

@GhostofDelta2 any advice?

I had this issue at a previous residence when my ISP would have more than user/house in the same IPv4 connection, a lot of Aussie ISP’s are doing this due to a lack of available IPv4 slot. This could be responsible for your issue.

I am with Aussie Broadband and when I mentioned my issues gaming they made a change so I was the only user on it, and my packet loss issues were almost entirely resolved (I still lived in rural Australia so the net was awful).

Have you also set up a DMZ or port forwarded?


Thanks for the prompt feedback!

I will speak to my ISP about my packet loss issue, it is weird as i have only noticed it on gears as of yet though.

I have not, havent actually heard of them but i will look into it. Any tips or guidance?

Thanks again.

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Do you know how to log into your router?

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I always wondered which is better between port forwarding or using dmz

As I understand it the symbol for packet loss means you have a bad connection in Gears 5 and not packet loss.
TC define it as a “console connection” problem.
I haven’t found a solution and most matches are unplayable for me.

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Pretty much all of them now lol. Played Guardian earlier with about 2 seconds, if not more, lag and got absolutely rinsed. Complete burden on the team.

The game is now unplayable across the board lol.

I would think that if I am experiencing so much packet loss or such a bad connection on this game then it would happen on others but other are playing flawlessly.


Port forwarding is like allowing specific gates in a wall to be open, DMZ is like blowing up the wall.

A DMZ is much easier but may not be the best option if you are using a device with personal information, such as a gaming laptop you also work from. For a console its definitely the best option IMO


This is not correct.

What you may be misunderstanding is that for you to connect to any of the azure servers its not just taking into account your home network and the particular azure server, you are also needing to factor in anything inbetween them, and that part is for some reason overlooked by most people I see talking about connection issues (to any game not just gears).

Imagine going from your house to across town and you hit a section of road where a crash has occured, or roadworks, and traffic is majorly slowed at that point. The problem isn’t your house, car or destination but you are still negatively impacted.

You could experience packet loss (or other strange issues) on a single particular server on Gears but not others, like @AC_Wireless when he connects to 1 particular server and won’t have his power loaded in for a few waves in horde.

Sometimes a particular ISP blocks a port or has congestion issues that will only impact on their users in select games or regions (this has occurred with Gears in the past). As I mentioned above I had a similar issue that was causing packet loss because the ISP was subletting out IPV4 addresses, which was fine for work, not fine for gaming.

I’m quoting a TC employee who replied to another forum member.
You can read the thread here.

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I get why you are misunderstanding, the employee didn’t know what the symbols meant, chased it up and got a very basic and technically incorrect answer.

One possible reason for it occurring is not the same as the only reason it occurs.

This and the lightning variant indicate poor connection to the server which does includes packet loss or server issues on their end. Essentially your connection from point A to B isn’t stable. That could be from your home setup, the route its travelling along, or something on the azure server or TC’s end.

The image on the left is packet loss or connection issues that are more severe.

The image on the right means you are above ~140 ping, and you will experience a higher amount of output delay, which will negatively impact your gaming experience. That symbol also has a lightning variant if you are a much higher amount of ping (about 250 IIRC but don’t quote me on the exact figure).

Both the symbol on the left and right can change between their regular and lightning variants if you are close to the threshold. EG if I as an Aussie connect to a friend in Canada I will keep swapping between seeing the symbol on the right in the second picture and seeing nothing.

Hopefully, this more detailed explanation helps :slight_smile:

I know how bad that is, from when I lived in rural Australia and would have constant net issues.

I may be able to point you in the right direction, though if its ISP related I won’t be able to do much.

What have you tried? Do you know which server you connect to and roughly how far away you are ping wise? Have you port forwarding? Are you hard-wired or using wifi? Any detail you can post could be helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone we feedback.
The ISP changed me to a dedicated IPv4 slot or something and it has worked a treat!

Now only to deal with the 180ping, how terribly casual they’ve morphed the game and my dreams of a remastered trilogy.

Appreciate the help.
Feel free to add me for some ranked

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Enjoy :slight_smile:

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The list is pretty comprehensive.
7 tech calls from ISP which includes new tap feeding line to our home, new lines outside and inside, 2 new modems and a dedicated IP.
I have also upgraded internet to 400mbps, replaced ISP modem with Nighthawk C7000 (which I had replaced again under warranty) and tried 3 different cables connecting C7000 to console.
Reset console twice and removed and added account as well.
Xbox is wired on static ip with game ports forwarded and I have disabled the firewall and added console to DMZ.
I have run multiple tests for speed, ping, latency and jitter from China to South America, all of which pass as excellent, yet I still have the 4 diamonds symbol in every match I play.
Even with a ping of between 5 and 15 playing private Horde matches the game lags.
I don’t even know I am getting hit half the time until I go down or die the lag is so bad.


That is extremely comprehensive.

Do you have issues with any other games on xbox live?

No, I can play other games without this problem including GOW 3 and 4.
I do get occasional lag and disconnects but nothing like G5.
I also tried 3 different controllers but it was getting expensive so I stopped.
I played Shotty Snipes yesterday but hits and kill shots were taking about 2 seconds to register.
I have submitted 2 support requests, which never got a response, and asked Shauny if he could please check to see if my account was somehow corrupted but I haven’t had anything back for weeks.

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I have the same problem since OP 7, all other games are working fine but not gears 5.

I made a ticket in June and July but have had no response so far.

I also called my ISP, they told me everything was fine with my connection, I live in France so this may be the problem but many xbox live friends do not have a lag …

I tried to play on PC, to play on another xbox, with another gamertag, connected by wifi, connected by ethernet cable and always this symbol at the bottom right.

At least I’m reassured that I’m not the only one in this case

@TC_Shauny Can we get an official response from the coalition?


I am seeing more and more posts about this now.
Maybe TC are migrating servers for other games or the same issues that made them remove Arcade are affecting other modes, IDK ?.
Some response would be nice as trying to play with this gets very old.!Av_5CyHV6npukFFCWv70bKc07afN


@TC_Shauny it looks like this user has done everything in their power to make sure their connection issues aren’t their or their ISP’s fault, is this something you can help with?

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