Constant packet loss despite having perfect connection

I’ve been having packet loss issues for almost a month now, and I have tried everything I can do in order for it to stop but it just always comes back. All other games that I play online are perfectly fine. This is only an issue on Gears 5 and I am so tired of that bs. Any help?

A lot of us have had/are having this issue. I like yourself have no issues with other multiplayer games except Gears, even though hard wired VM to series X.

The last couple of weeks have been very bad :-1:. I’m not sure what you can do, although we do have threads where practical advice is given, re your connections.

Good luck.

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At least Gears 5 is much much much much much more stable in PC then The Division 2… :roll_eyes:

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Yeah I do not know what else to do since I have tried literally everything there is to try…