Consoles Players are more skilled then PC players - Player base Analysis

I Was thinking about dressing my Jack Russel Terrier up as a Pouncer for Halloween since their breed is known for hopping and jumping high. It was a cool idea in mind but I have no clue where you’d get that kind of costume from.

Oh yeah and Gears of War 4 is unbalanced. There, now you can’t flag my post for not contributing to the conversation!

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It reminds me of the saying! “Never play chess with a Pigeon. The Pigeon just knocks all the pieces over”

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Arguing with console players who’ve never played the game on PC is pointless.
So far, every PC player I’ve read talk about M/K Vs Controller have said they don’t see any advantage. Some one those people are in this thread. Go Read.

How on earth can you possibly assert that I’m being “cocky”? How is it possible to even come to that conclusion? What Complex are you talking about? How does your brain work? I’m not going to magically change stances just because a bunch of cry babies who want an idea to blame on why they get spanked in Gears. I could easily make the same argument against you. You’re not making solid points.

Oh please kid, like I haven’t had insults hurtled at me… But you’re only going to call me out on it? I wonder if it has to do with the fact that you agree with everyone else? Hmmmmmm???

It’s not about “winning a debate”. It’s about right and wrong. Again, I’m not going to change stances because i’m afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.

And what’s that exactly?

uhhhhhhhh I provided plenty of examples…

That’s false. It was the other guy that demanded proof for everything. Get your argument straight.

Second time you’ve said that in one comment. #Cringe

Ya I would take being called intelligent any day. Thanks.
I wonder if my intelligence has anything to do with the points I’m making.

What ever happen to throwing insults discredits someone? I guess that only works one way for you. But I’m the one who’s hypocritical.

I think it’s more of aaaaaa you can’t refute what I’m saying with facts and logic so you’re going to play this game where you act as if I’m not worth your time.

lmao this rundan guy is trying SOOOOO HARRRRD to prove his points that he’s arguing even against when someone agrees with him, no one ever said that just by playing on PC will make you a diamond or that you can be a noob and win just because you’re on PC, but of course it has it’s performance advantages which is irrefutable, don’t even @ me btw cause I don’t wanna hear it



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I assumed he called me a console gamer unless I misunderstood what he meant.

I like to link this article when this conversation pops up every once in a while.

Even Microsoft doesn’t support K/M gamepad crossplay in shooters. Proof:

“One question this naturally raises is how multiplayer would be affected by mouse and keyboard players having a seemingly unfair advantage over controller players. Microsoft would leave this up to individual developers, but it “highly suggested” developers have separate matchmaking pools for players using a keyboard and mouse versus those using a gamepad.”

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That doesn’t mean anything. Actually if you watch the video (It gives context) Phil Spencer did address M/K being unfair in PVP multiplayer FPS games but made it very clear it’s up to the developer to decide NOT Microsoft. So if a game studio did in fact want M/K to play against controllers in an FPS type game they very much could do so and Microsoft wouldn’t stop it. Now this is actually Aside from the point. I just wanted to clarify your comment from it’s inaccuracies. I mean, gears 4 is cross play, how does that already not undercut your statement? Anyways I digress.

Gears is not an FPS type game.
It’s a 3rd person cover based game for the 5th time.

M/K doesn’t play the same role like it would in games like; CoD or Bf and CSGO.
Point being, what Phil Spencer’ mentioned in that interview is irrelevant to the situation here

Refer you to this lol

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Assuming what you say is true, that mouse and keyboard play a more significant role in FPS type games than in gears, doesn’t mean that they aren’t an advantage in a cover based 3rd person shooter like gears as well.

Not following? Ok.

Just because a machete will hack through a coconut better than a butter knife would doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t do a better job hacking through butter too.

Your logic was refuted. With what? Actual logic.

I won’t bother resorting to
your childish and insulting innuendos or your arrogant and condescending orders such as “get a better argument”.

I also won’t bother pointing out your grammatical errors, improper use of apostrophes and the ever cringe worthy improper and dialect form of the word “anyway”.

I’ll instead wait for your enlightening post. When the clouds start opening up and rays of light shine upon my face I’ll know it’s you.

Errr maybe I should just go to bed. Yeah. I’ll do that.

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I must admit that’s one hell of a way to end your post. :joy:

In the case scenarios of Gears of War, no it’s not and I provided examples to go with it. Another idea that reinforces my argument is the fact that TC allows cross-play; even in ranked play as well. The only reason why its not full fledged cross-play (Mandating it) is to avoid the out rage ignorant people would have on the forums like i’m dealing with now. Why else would they invest their time in allowing any degree of cross-play if there was any clear advantage to begin with? Even in social match making if there was an advantage at hand it shouldn’t be allowed. But that’s not the case now it is?

Oh I’m following alright… But you’re not.

This was a fail example.

Where exactly was it refuted? Tell me. Was it, by you simply saying I’m wrong? Where was it refuted?

Point proven. You have issues with my meaningless insults but turn a cheek when others insult me and then you have nothing to say about it. Your bias is exposing in case you didn’t notice. That’s petty of you to care about what I have to say whether it’s inflammatory or not but when others make negative gestures towards me you remain silent. Want to talk about what’s childish and arrogant? That would be a better example than me.

Why would anyone care to point out grammar errors when this is meant to be somewhat persuasive? I’m not writing an English paper my grammar errors is completely irrelevant to the point. And the fact that you even brought that up as any argumentative purpose at all only goes to show I’m making good points that you cannot refute. I wouldn’t waste my time pointing out all the grammar errors YOU and everyone else made because its irrelevant and “Childish”, perhaps “Arrogant” as well.

Seeing as grammar is so important to you, here’s a lesson. Your last statement was redundant. You don’t need to mention my improper use of “apostrophes”. That would have fell into the category of improper grammar… See how stupid and pointless that was? So when I say things like; “get a better argument”, That’s what I mean.

And you wanna talk about what’s cringe worthy?

Thank god.

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Definitely true. It’s similar to how a Xbox player using a monitor has a performance advantage to an Xbox player using a TV. There will be way more input lag on a TV. Hell, if you want the best performance, use a Tube TV lol.

IMO all the performance advantages, while true, don’t really make a difference in gameplay. As long as you’re used to what you’re playing on, it’s not going to change anything.

The only true advantage that I find to be worth talking about is KB+M vs Controller. The others are not important.

Yeah it’s true that you can look and bounce at the same time on KB+M whereas you need claw on controller to do the same. Speedy, Rezik, Ess Phenomz all use their thumbs to press the analog stick and A but can still bounce like a claw player. It’s not necessary, but hard to bounce like crazy for a casual gamer unless you claw.

That said, it’s still much easier to bounce for controller players than it is for KB+M players. Angle bouncing (using your movement stick to direct your wallbouncing) is the most efficient way to bounce. It’s both fast and keeps your vision perfect. KB+M players mostly have to look at every wall they bounce to because WASD doesn’t allow for angles except 0°, 45°, 90°, … There is very limited angle bouncing and it’s difficult regardless. Looking at every wall you bounce to is slower, more prone to error and makes it difficult to keep track of a target

If you take a good controller bouncer, he’ll be better at bouncing than any KB+M player out there.


Provide them again, but this time as definitive proof and nothing more. Otherwise you’re doing the exact same thing you accuse others of. Next.

Explain how this reinforces your argument. I’m not seeing the correlation. Ever considered some other reasons why they allow it? Maybe because PC is a new platform and they wanted to give PC players the option of actually finding matches? Imagine if they allowed PC vs PC only. No one would play on PC because there would be no matches to play in. So there goes another argument of yours out the window in the neighbors trash can.

The cry babies you speak of aren’t actually cry babies. They’re intelligent people who realize that Keyboard and mouse AT BEST throws in a different variable to the game that shouldn’t be there if the developer has control over it.

Another example of arrogant internet bigotry. Have you no shame?

I just told you. Non issue at this point. I do find it laughable by your choice of wording…”invest their time”. Like it was that big of a deal.

Nothing but conjecture. You make really weak points for someone who seems so arrogant and confident in their position.

Another example of how you’re an internet ■■■. You’ve had this attitude from the very start of the thread and you can’t figure out why people are so rude with you.

Why? Oh. Because you said so. I should have known LOL sorry.

The logic you used to make a point in your post was completely refuted. If you can’t see that, I don’t know how else to point it out. I suggest you go back and look harder.

Let’s break this down. Insults aren’t meaningless. If they are to you, then it makes me believe even more strongly there’s a personality disorder at work behind that keyboard of yours. Second, why wouldn’t I turn a cheek when you are the rudest most arrogant and insulting person on this thread? You had nothing but insulting things to say to me from the start, when I said NOTHING to you personally beforehand. If you had come at me more respectfully rather than on your internet keyboard high horse, I doubt we’d be flinging around this crap that literally no one cares to read about.

Scroll up and look at all the petty things you’ve so diligently taken the time to point out. Your hypocrisy is so strong that I shouldn’t have to point it out.

The argument you’re attempting to make here is incredibly weak. Do you actually not see that?

I literally said that I wasn’t going to point those things out. (OK, I did, cunningly) But here’s the point, which you miss:

Ive seen you try so hard to bring people down on this thread by pointing out the mundane and irrelevant. Why? I can’t think of any other reason aside from your desire to discredit them, to make them look foolish. You resort to this and you seem far too comfortable with it. Yet here you are again, in high form, accusing me of the same after I decide to (cunningly) give you a taste of your own medicine. And then you suddenly start playing another card. Hypocrisy.

I’m starting to change my mind on how intelligent you are. The amount of absolute BS.

Again, you have pointed out irrelevant things to say to me and others. Many more than I can count. Using your own argument, I guess I can deduce then that they were making good points that you couldn’t refute. LOL. I look forward to hearing how your absurd level of denial digs you out of this one.

I got a great nights sleep so I should be good to go for some more rounds of this internet BS with you.

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An excellent post. And I agree with pretty well everything. Your opinions are stated as such and there are no insults, arrogance, or BS. Respectfully written. This is how it should be, and thankfully, mostly is on these forums.


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