Consoles Players are more skilled then PC players - Player base Analysis

This was meant to show you the advantages PC players have, specifically the sensitivity which gives you the ability to get those “quick 180 kills.” The fact that you just brush it off as a “High ping player” is laughable.


why would you even say that? This implies that console is inferior to PC. If you truly believed PC is equal to console you would’ve said something like " I can post far more impressive clips." or “I can do better myself.”



Yes, definitely high ping. Pulling kills off before leaving cover.
And what 180’s? I never saw one tactical 180
Wall bouncing mindlessly as fat as you can isn’t tactical and therefore not beneficial. I can wall bounce just as fast with a controller.

??? That implies the video you posted as evidence was inconclusive ???

Does the Gears community have a comprehension disability? That’s 2 in a row

Not high ping. It’s called a reaction shot.
Since it’s obvious you’re dense, i’ll make it simple for you:

PC=higher sensitivity
Higher sensitivity=faster wallbouncing
faster wallbouncing=harder to hit
Harder to hit=advantage
so PC=advantage

And from the video you can see that accuracy isn’t a problem for this player.

I might be wrong but I figure PC players have the luxury of being able to move the camera left and right without having to lift a finger off the roadie run button (being able to sprint while moving camera left or right at the same time). If console players want to do this, they have to play claw or tournament, which is unorthodox for gears and gaming in general.

This went so far over your head, you even did it again here

I know you’re not that dumb. Think hard and you’ll get it.
To answer your question

Yes they do. Im speaking with one right now.


Reaction Shot? So when you body someone before the frames catch up to what actually being displayed isn’t ping related at all? LAMO… Doesn’t matter either way because it can all be done on console which invalidates your argument.

False. I already explained this. I’m seriously getting tired with people who lack reading comprehension.
Wall bouncing as fast as you can holds no water if you can tactically control it. If you’re bouncing all over walls and can’t land your shots then its pointless. Nothing I watched in that video I haven’t seen or done my self with a controller. Therefore makes it invalid.

Its just clips. Anyone on any platform can get clips.

Controllers can do this…

That’s completely subjective.

It definitely went over your head… Where’s your rebuttal? Oh wait its not here because you’d rather say “it went over my head” because it can’t be refuted.

Yup, no argument…

Boring… Stay salty.

Here’s one of the many thousands of videos where people are wall bouncing effectively and pulling your “reaction shots”… its not hard to do on either platform.

Dude same! I’m on pc and never been past onyx 1… I try like hell, even swapped to console for a year and couldn’t get past onyx 1…

I’m on your side. All good Console players turn off crossplay. If they aren’t playing against a full PC squad they are beating trash console players. If there were a pro console player Vs a pro PC player on controller. That tiny advantage no matter how small would play a role. Many PC players at the higher level have admitted to it. There’s also lil tricks like turning off gore that some people don’t know about. Helps with the frame rate. I personally like playing with gore on. Gears isn’t Gears without the gore.


I know you can do a reaction shot on PC and console. I was just explaining that it’s not high ping because you don’t know what a reaction shot is (lol). Look up reaction shot on youtube. It’s not lag.

So if you CAN bounce that fast AND hit your shots, it’s not pointless. I can’t bounce that fast on max 30 sensitivity. In the description box on his other videos, he says that his sensitivity is 2800dpi. Besides, I’ve played against this guy multiple times. He can hit shots consistently while flying off walls.

My point was that PC players don’t need to change the way they normally use a K&M. Console players need to play claw or tournament to do well. That’s why many pro players use claw. Do you really think majority of gamers play claw? Do you think majority of gears players play tournament? Do you even know what “unorthodox” means?

Hopefully I don’t need to explain the importance of having a finger on the A button while having fingers on the analog sticks.

I know what it is… The video you linked had massive lag to compensate. Period.

And in that video, he never bounced faster than you could on console while hitting shots.

That would be your fault because I can, and so can others.

Anecdotal Anecdotal Anecdotal

Actually Gears is awkward to play on PC…

Doesn’t have to be the majority to make a point. Quite a lot play claw and its the fact that controllers have the ability to get it done proves my point.

Actually a lot play tournament. And the ones that don’t aren’t hindered because its not hard to adjust camera angle while running. So the point you were trying to make was a poor one to begin with.

If you’re that bad of a player where this is difficult for you then buy an Elite controller and use the pedals.

Again do you know what unorthodox means? You’re delusional if you think playing claw is normal in the context of gaming. Sure a lot play tournament or claw, but more play the traditional way of holding a controller.

It’s actually impossible to move the camera (not the character) left, right, up, down while running without playing claw/tournament or changing grip.

There’s no point in debating you anymore. Either things go way over your head or you’re extremely dense. You take points and twist it in a way that’s easy for you to defend/attack. Welp… back to lurking in the forums for me…

What’s unorthodox to you, is normal to someone else. It’s the matter of fact that an Xbox controller is capable of it which proves my point. You think PC gamers don’t have to make adjustments from time to time? Your argument sucks. Not too mention moving the camera slightly as you run is a petty argument to begin with.

Never said that sooooooo…?

And? That’s aside from the point. Buy an elite controller if it bothers you so much. I had to get used to pedals… I didn’t cry about it like you are

Because you can’t refute what I’m saying

I cite your every quote and address them accordingly. Where exactly did I “twits” your words? I’ll wait…

I know I said I’m going back to lurking but check this out. This is your youtube video (i know im a weirdo lol). You literally 180 in a split second starting at (3:18). Also check out how fast you turn.

What will Rundan do?

  • Will he claim lag?

  • Will he claim I can do that on console? (highly likely)

  • Will he deny that was a 180? (likely as well)

  • Report? (hopefully not)

On a side note can you upload more tips and tricks videos? It will really help scrubs like me.

So you would hunt down my YouTube channel because we disagree? Why? Because you need to put a face on my ideas? You really must be triggered hard.

And your condescending remarks are only proving my points. Otherwise it wouldn’t be necessary.

And you completely missed the point on how and why a 180 isn’t beneficial in Gears of War. Kill rates aren’t fast enough to where it would matter. A controller isn’t slower enough to where I couldn’t get into cover if I was taking fire. And if I was engaged by a gnasher close range, a quicker 180 wouldn’t save me either.
It’s just a bad argument

Arguing with this guy is pointless. He has an absurd amount of cockiness about him AND couple that with his “I’m right because i have to be” complex and you might as well go argue religion with someone.

When you use personal attacks in a debate with someone, to the discerning eye, it really makes you look like you’re sitting on a weak platform because you are.

Only bitter and weak people try so hard to personally bring someone down to “win” a debate.

Couple this with the fact that he literally tries to tear you apart for doing the same exact thing he does. Hypocritical to the highest order. He has no basis whatsoever for his arguments other than his opinions. Yet he comes off as the proof and evidence police. Hypocritical to the highest order.

The only thing he has going for him literally is that he can come across as intelligent. That’s it.

Let him live with his head up his ■■■.

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Crazy didn’t have patience to finish reading with All THE CUTTING AND PASTING GOING ON!


Im on your side too brother!

That tiny advantage no matter how small would definitely play a role. Of course this is just anecdotal and I have no scientific studies to back it up so obviously these statements I’ve just made are trash. Lol


Yeah I could have gone on playing the merry go round internet debate game but then I came to my senses real fast. Lol


I play on PC and I never got to diamond and always on onyx 3 due to 90 percent of the time playing solo. The PC players I know that reached diamond and diamond 5 usually always play stacked and never play rank alone.
I never feel like I have an advantage on KBM. If you play as a good team together is all that matters PC or not

This makes perfect sense. And it doesn’t discount the idea either that PC has advantages over console.

There are many variables to consider. Your team, your personal ability (technical and otherwise) etc. I’ve run into plenty trash pc players.

My argument is and always was that PC has advantages, however small, and they play a role. They don’t carry you to victory

I think some people are insisting that I and others have this stance that PC is a straight shot to diamond. It’s far from truth.


So I never played on a PC at all. Any type of game. I know about aim bots, so when players on PC are talking about aim tracking and aim assist so is that something that will automatically lock on like a aim bot? Or is that just like a console aim assist where it just points you to the right direction. I always turn it off if I have option it just doesn’t do much.