Consoles Players are more skilled then PC players - Player base Analysis

Every since my move to PC, I’ve been unsatisfied in my achievements . I don’t take my Diamond Rank seriously, in fact, it should be a given that I have Diamond considering I am playing on PC even with a controller

I am getting practically 200+ Frames, I have a 1ms G-Sync Monitor, my input delay is faster, wider field of view etc. Time and time again, I find myself surviving battles because of these advantages, no matter how much one could brush them off, they’re advantages period no matter how minimal; It annoys me knowing that.

So when I see a Diamond 4 or 5 console player, I am truly impressed. It takes a different level of skill and coordination.

Mental Mindset:
When I see other PC DIamonds, I don’t take them seriously, and neither should you as a console player, because more then likely they got to Diamond because of these advantages. I know console players online constantly fear PC players because of the advantages listed above, but what separates the allstars from the regular player are those who have the skill to face PC players.

I have nothing but respect for those guys and gals. Because console players CAN destroy PC players, it is very possible, it’s just so few have the skill to do it. That in turn, makes a PC player feel better then what they are and makes the regular player mentally submissive to defeat , seeing that dreaded PC logo on the other team. ( Yes, I know console players are worried about hackers as well, which they are out there, but more times then not, mouse and keyboard accuracy will feel “aimbot” like to a console player. Most are clean.)

As a console player think of it like this, you were able to kill a PC player despite have less frames (60fps), longer input delay, slower turning, less accuracy and you still managed to get the kill? You sir are an absolute monster.

The only disadvantages on PC is, one, the crashing and two, maybe wallboucing? But even that’s up for debate.

Only thing that’s truly a kryptonite to all players is the lag, but don’t get me started on that, I’ll save that for another thread…

But what do you guys think? Would consoles players agree on my analysis?

TL:DR: I think console players are better because they have to go through alot more bs then PC players.

PS: Even with M/K on xbox, it still doesn’t make up for the significantly less input delay, but it’s a start…


You’re trying to sell this nonsense again?..


I’m PC and never been diamond.


what? really, I don’t believe that :sweat_smile: Your snipe is crazy bro

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96.4% O3 in KOTH was as high as I got last season lol. :frowning:


OObviously console. players are better, most good console players have 10
years gow experience with controller vs 2 yrs mousd keyboard

I agree. It takes more skill to be good on console. I feel like it’s super easy to get diamond on PC.

Alice has the best Gifs in the game.


Man, what did I do to you xD

Yes, because I think that most of xbox players turned off crossplay, I saw a master diamond in escalation, xbox player, and he/she was down at the bottom bottom bottom…bottom of the score’s chart.

Hmmm I have to disagree. First off, playing at 200+ frames doesn’t change anything unless your display supports 240Hz. This is a huge rarity. Most rigs can’t push this amount of frames and or own this type of display. And even the ones who do push high frame rates (like myself) I consider it more of an eye candy because it everything looks smoother. Now this doesn’t necessarily translate into an “advantage”. it just looks smoother. Games like Cod or BF, or CSGO, these FPS twitch like games can receive benefits with higher frames but Gears of War really doesn’t provide any advantages other than just making it seem aesthetically pleasing. I’ll jump back and fourth between 60 and 240 FPS. My overall performance doesn’t change.

As far as FOV goes again, performance doesn’t change it’s not hard to check corners opposed to having a slight further look around edges. Again, these things need to manifest into benefits during gameplay for them to be considered advantages.

That makes no sense, if they truly have advantages why wouldn’t you fear them? Because of their supposed advantages?

When it comes to Gears of War, hackers are basically non existent. I’ve seen 2 since the release of this game and these hackers were flamed on the forums. Minimal would be an understatement. If people are afraid of their gaming experience being ruined because of hackers then their fear is irrational.

Everything that can be done on PC can be done on console and vice versa

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There’s no question PC has an advanatage over console. It’s funny to me how many pc players downplay this.

They also get angry with people who call it an advantage maybe because their sense of accomplishment is being threatened? Maybe it’s like saying their skill is irrelevant because they’re hiding behind a mouse and keyboard that’s carrying them to victory.

But as far as I’m concerned, there are tons of highly skilled Gears vets on PC. And highly likely that plenty are more skilled or at least have every bit the ability that the diamond console players have. How could you possibly even know for sure? Also, who cares?

Playing on PC and doing well obviously takes skill. Put my Labrador on PC and she would suck just as much as she would on console. There’s still a certain amount of weight you need to pull as a player to be effective. The mouse ain’t gonna carry you.

However, all things being equal, PC wins no question. And at the highest level of any form of competition it’s those smallest advantages that can decide an outcome. Every time.

Go back to console after a few months on PC. I bet you’ll hate it. Why? Because you’re at a disadvantage

Why there is such a debate on the subject is due more to ego and misinterpretation than anything else IMO.


ahahaha omg … this is y there is no way to discuss with console ppl.they have no clue


First off, I’m a PC gamer sooooooo get a better argument.
That being said, I’ve spent my entire time playing Gears of War since 2006 on console up until a few years ago. So, if you can’t refute my argument then calling me a console gamer only reinforces the idea that I’m right.


Simply saying PC has an advantage over console doesn’t actually prove it does. I already explained how it doesn’t.

Who’s angry? How many PC gamers are making threads about how angry they are? Now you’re just making up arguments. If you can’t prove a point then refrain from making childish arguments.

And what sense of accomplishment? Where? What are you even saying? And don’t even try to pretend a mouse and keyboard has any benefit with a 3rd person cover based game. Your argument just banks off the stigma that PC’s rain over consoles but you’re not applying it by a case by case basis. By your logic I guess PC’s are better than consoles with MMO games as well. Gotta have that mouse and keyboard when opening up doors into new rooms right?

Who? This is just anecdotal. And Gears is predominantly played on Xbox.

Again, you’re making that up. You even undercut your own argument by saying you don’t know for sure LOL. Here’s a real argument. All pro players and basically ALL competitive Gears players with active MLG accounts play on console. Your argument was defeated. Better players are on console.

That’s a really dumb argument, And why would you choose a dog instead of a real person I have no idea. It’s wrong to begin with. From someone who doesn’t game very much at all, its easier to pick up a controller than a mouse and keyboard So you’re wrong with that one as well.

But you just made the argument that mouse and keyboard will “carry” them to victory… Really? I don’t think you’re equipped to debate this.

If “all things are equal” Than how is PC a clear winner? I think you’ve contradicted yourself like 3 times in one 1 post. Again, you’re just using an old stigma that PC’s are better. What about car racing tournaments? What about sport games? PC’s still better? Gears is not an FPS game. It’s a 3rd person cover based game with no precision weapons at all. Weapon reticles are huge and hit boxes are even bigger.

Been playing on console a lot lately seeing as the PC version constantly crashes. No issues, no complaints. Other than a strategy change I’m just as effective as a player.

After reading your post it seems you’re the one with an ego. Absolutely refusing the idea that PC’s and consoles are close enough to where it doesn’t matter simply can’t exist in your world.
I’ve been playing Gears on console competitively since 2006, I hate hackers, and I hate unfair competition. If I had any thought that PC gamers were better I wouldn’t support.

Your attempts at tearing apart my arguments are feeble as you are clearly misinterpreting a lot of what I said.

Also you make yourself look like an ■■■ in your post but that’s irrelevant to the topic.

I’ve got better things to do with my time than attempt to expose the inadequacies in your post, mostly because I don’t have access to a computer and doing the whole cut paste thing is a complete nightmare on my phone.

I’ll try to keep it simple. I don’t hate pc players. I think pc is an advantage but one that is difficult
To measure.

Things like ability to turn character quickly
More precision with rifles
Lack of triple buffering
More FPS

Give it an advantage. I never said it carries you to victory.

Also the thing you said about me undercutting my own argument makes absolutely no sense. Either I did poorly at making my point or you misunderstood it completely.



Then do a better job articulating yourself.

Why? Because I don’t agree with you? And anyone who doesn’t agree with you must be an attack? Grow up.

Is that your default excuse when you can’t refute what people say?

Really? Because you just said “There’s no question PC has an advanatage over console.” Now you’re saying its difficult to measure? That’s like the 4th time you’ve contradicted yourself.

Holds no place in a 3rd person cover based game.
This isn’t an FPS game. Kill rates are slow. If you’re getting pelted by gun fire you have plenty of time to get into cover on any platform. A faster rotation speed wouldn’t effect any outcome. And if you get bodied by a gnasher from behind you were destined to die. No one 180’s on mouse and keyboard to saves their live any faster than it can realistically be done on console.

I already explained how this has no effect. Apparently you lack reading comprehension.
Large hit boxes and giant reticles make it very tangible on both platforms to use precision weapons.

Everyone on PC uses V sync and on console as long as you are using a gaming display you’re fine.

Already explained this…Not doing it again.

“”""“And at the highest level of any form of competition it’s those smallest advantages that can decide an outcome.”""""" Your quote

“”"""“Maybe it’s like saying their skill is irrelevant because they’re hiding behind a mouse and keyboard that’s carrying them to victory.”""""" Your quote

Either you’re so stupid you contradict your every point, or you’re just really intellectually dishonest… Which one is it? Your second quote I listed is by definition a contradiction. No other way around it. You’re not even worth debating this topic. You should feel embarrassed. I know I would.

It’s a combination of you having no idea what you’re saying and that fact that you contradicted yourself like 5 times now. It’s at a point where I must be getting trolled.

You didn’t explain anything. And I never tried to prove anything.

But to add to one thing you did say:

How do you know this doesn’t manifest into a benefit? You never made an argument or provided any evidence or proof of anything. Yet you attempt to dismantle my statements by pointing out the fact that I have no “proof”. Bafoonery, sir.


Since when does someone have to make a thread about something for it to be observed? I’ve seen it in the forums plenty of times. You’re a prime example.

No. It’s because of things that you said, such as this:

If you can’t see how that’s making an ■■■ of yourself, then I don’t know what else to say.

By sense of accomplishment, I’m saying their placement in the ranking system. That’s what I’m saying.

It does with sniping and other rifle aiming/accuracy, it does for 360 degree turnarounds. No pretending needed.

Here’s another example of where you make yourself look like an ■■■. You’re feeding all sorts of words/thoughts into my mouth.

My post wasn’t meant to be a thesis and was literally written at 3 am while lying in bed on an iPhone. I personally think it’s pretty clear that I wasn’t trying to say PC is an advantage over console in ALL regards of gaming. I think it was pretty clear that I was comparing the two as they relate to this game. You just make an ■■■ of yourself and expose how butt hurt you are over I don’t even know what.

It’s not anecdotal because as you may notice, I wrote out “as far as I’m concerned”…obviously I can’t prove this to you. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that it’s the truth as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, and since you seem to be the king of providing proof, please practice what you preach. I saw no proof in any of your statements when you supposedly explained for us all how PC has no advantage over console in this game.

You’re right in that I can’t provide any clear cut proof that this is the case. But to say that I’m pulling it from thin air is a stretch, IMO. I’m just simply using logic and nothing else.

The reason that you couldn’t possibly know for sure if a given PC gears player is “better” than a given console player is because they’re using different platforms. That’s simply not a fair comparison. That’s what I meant when I said how could you possibly know for sure.

Again, you make yourself look like an ■■■ by prefacing a statement with “here’s a real argument”. I’m not even sure what you’re talking about when you say my argument was defeated. The fact that all MLG players are on console doesn’t say anything about how skilled they are compared to PC players.

Here’s another example of how you make yourself look like an ■■■.

For someone who seems to be really against anecdotal statements, you make a lot of anecdotal statements. And then pretend that it’s proof. LOL

I never made that argument. Ever. Not even close. This is where you misunderstood me. Also, I feel every bit as equipped as you, genius.

By all things being equal, I mean the skill level of the player mostly.

Your thoughts are all jacked up then, buddy.

No, again, my argument wasn’t that PC is better than console across the board.

TC literally calls the markza, embar, and longshot “precision rifles”.

Who said I was absolutely refusing anything? We never even interacted with each other before you made this statement. Another load of BS.

Oh, OK. Well clearly everything I’ve said is irrelevant as I’ve only been playing since January. You win.


The only decent advice you’ve given.

No it’s actually quite literally the truth. Unfortunately I’m not doing those other things since I’m doing this instead. I’m not even sure why now. I’m 34 years old. I should know arguing over the Internet is pointless by now lol.

There’s no contradiction here at all. It’s difficult to measure HOW MUCH OF AN ADVANTAGE it actually is in the real world.

Make more sense now?

So again, let me get this straight. You attempt to dismantle someone else’s assertions/statements by claiming it’s anecdotal and pointing out the fact that there’s no proof presented.

And then you turn around several minutes later and seemingly attempt to sell this idea you have that’s purely based on anecdotes with no proof whatsoever.

You must really think you’re smarter than everyone else.

Look at that sensitivity. You still think PC players are on an even playing field with console players? I wish I could do that on console.


Yes I did. I gave examples on how and why, what would normally give M/K a better chance at being effective in game-play doesn’t stack up the same way in Gears of War. I literally said this in multiple comments… What are you reading? And of coarse you’re trying to prove something. You’re trying to prove PC’s have advantages over console…Obviously??? Do you need to get your head checked out?

Bro… I just explained how it doesn’t manifest into a benefit. It’s no complication to check corners are the standard FOV. Making your game look fish eyed and goofy so you can see a millimeter more around the corner is more of a disadvantage than anything. You don’t see far enough around a corner to where it actually helps and given that this is a 3rd person cover based game, corner checking is easily done on the standard FOV. Again, if this was a first person shooter you would have a more compelling argument. Do you think I haven’t tested these things myself before preaching?

I’m the ones that angry? Like I haven’t heard that before…Boring.

Really? You’ve seen it tons of times? LAMO. Why lie to yourself? And trying to call me angry is just a weak poor stupid argument only kids come up with when they’re losing an argument.

That basically means its because I don’t agree with you LAMO

Calling you out on your childish arguments like; saying “I’m angry” is making an A$$ of myself? Point proven.

News flash. There’s more people on console with higher rankings than PC players. If you’re trying to make the argument that the unsubstantial amount of PC gamers that play this game care or feel “accomplishment” by their rank so much that console gamers threaten them is just a laughable argument. No, PC gamers don’t feel a sense of entitlement because of their Gears Rank.

again I already addressed this. Tracking people and sniping isn’t hard on console. Hit boxes and reticles are large. The skill cap is just as high on console or PC. This game is that way by nature. All of the best Gears players are on console. Period. Controllers do no limit their ability.

I’m not feeding anything. I’m analyzing your poor argument which is easily derived off of the notion that PC’s are better than consoles.

I don’t care? And the fact that you even mentioned that only leaves me to believe that you’re not happy with your stance and are considering it to be wrong, otherwise mentioning this would be aimless.

I’m not talking about all regards of gaming. I’m specifically citing your exacts words and addressed them accordingly. You said multiple times PC gamers have clear advantages that “leads them to victory” These are your words. Own them.

Again, calling me butt hurt ins’t and argument. It’s a childish one only little kids make when they’re losing an argument. Point proven. And even If I had to flatter that argument it’s completely stupid… Why the hell would I be butt hurt?.. Butt hurt about what??? I own every gaming system on the market. It’s not like im stuck on PC and don’t own an Xbox so I want to push the PC Master Race Agenda… I don’t care which is better and play on what ever I’m in the mood for.

That is the definition of anecdotal… dude come one LAMO

I’m not providing your version of proof but I’m explaining it thoroughly. Which is enough. The differences between you and me is you’re just making bold claims while I’m actually explaining my points and giving examples.

What logic? You mean the fallacy that PC’s are better in every which way?

I could reverse that logic and YOU wouldn’t know that consoles are actually better than PC’s when it comes to Gears. But again, that wouldn’t be your first thought because of the notion that you’re subconsciously involved with that PC’s are better than consoles.

Facts don’t care about your feelings… Doesn’t make me an A$$. Grow up.

Ummmm its means they’re better LAMO…???

You have a problem with exposure don’t you?

That wasn’t anecdotal… Its a fact that non-gamers have a better time with controllers than M/K
Multiple big gaming news outlet have done reviews on this years and years ago. Spend 5 minutes researching something and you might actually learn a thing or two.

Okay here’s your quote…Again…

“”“PC wins no question. And at the highest level of any form of competition it’s those smallest advantages that can decide an outcome.”""

This complied with the fact that you think M/K imposes an advantage means you very much made that argument.

For someone who needs proof, then where your proof on this claim?

Do you want me to cite your contradictions?

That wasn’t my argument. I was making a point that you believe in the notion that PC’s are better than consoles because of M/K

And? You’re missing the point. What’s precise to hit on Cod, BF, and CSGO is much smaller than Gears of War. There’s needs to be a certain threshold on whats a precise target to hit where its difficult to match on a controller Vs a M/K. Gears is not that game.

Bro you’re saying in your comments LOLOOL

Don’t be condescending. I wasn’t citing to authority that my views are better because I’ve been playing longer. My point was i’m comfortable on both platforms and I don’t Switch back and fourth with noticeable advantages.

In the context in which you said that that in was revealing a contradiction.

Same logic can be used against you. Where’s all this proof of PC gamers getting these quick 180 kills that couldn’t possibly be done on a controller?

When did I ever say that? You made that up. For some who’s 34 you clearly have some skeletons in your closet. Be a grown up.


What am I suppose to be looking at? All I see is a High Ping player getting clips.
I can post far more impressive clips that were taken on a console…