Console player who is re-enabling crossplay

As a console player, worrying about pc in ranked is sonething Im gonna quit worrying about. Im a Silver player on my best day; but lately im.playing against diamond players anyways. Im assuming matchmaking is throwing them into lobbies to find matches for them instead of forcing them to wait long ques. And that makes sense. So, if im gonna play against stacked teams anyways, i might as well turn crossplay on again and expand my player base. I think this helps everybody. Its just a gane. Time to take one for the team. It can.only help my play anyways. I hope others will do the same. Lets help the player base.


I’m sure you’ll see that not much changes even with PC Players.

Some play like they’ve never played a video game in their life :sweat_smile:

I played a match on console only tonight before I remembered to turn ranked crossplay back on. Got slotted in a turd team witth straight up beginners. We went against a stacked team and got destroyed. Turned ranked crossplay back on, and my next 2 matches were competitive, fairly evenly matched,and I was middle of the pack in was sooo much more enjoyable. My teams won both matches, but they were both very close. TC needs to just turn console only off. BY combining the player bases, you are obviously enlarging the base itself, and will have a much better opoortunity to get in a match w/evenly matched playerss

To some extent I agree with you but you should never promote lack of choice. If players don’t want to play together then it should remain an option since it already is. Removing choice and forcing people to play how you tell them is wrong. I don’t actually mean you.

I personally think they should scrap quickplay and arcade and just make everyone play ranked like the good old days but would that be fair or promoting choice?

ur acting like this game has a big pc community lol

disabling crossplay will only kill the game faster