Console player saying Its time to combine pc and console players

Im a console player and a big gears supporter. I want Gears to be around a long time. And that means Gears needs every player they can hold onto. With a small and ever shrinking pool of PC players, I say its time to just combine everyone into one pool. The number of pc players is small compared to the # of console players. Meaning, you really want run into them very often. And I don’t really think their is much if any advantage playing on pc regardless.
I put myself in their position. Some modes that console players take for granted have extremely long que times. If they even find a match at all. Its not fair to a gears player that they cant find matches just because a console guy doesnt think they can hang with pc. Its not even like that in gears anyways.
@Thecoalition, its past time to do away with separating console and pc. Way past time.


The only advantage PC has is the FOV slider and the point and click adventure aiming. Other than that most of the time a console player can stomp on a PC player in this game

I agree with some of your opinions and also would like as a whole too improve gears and get more players playing.

But could you please separate your text creating paragraphs as it’s a ball ache reading.

Thank you and much love :two_hearts:.

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Playing PC players is not why people lose, idling, quitting, lack of marking and choosing to use their gnasher 100% of the time is the main reason people get dominated and ■■■■■■■■ “pc players are cheaters” Is their excuse card.

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I’ll also add the much shorter input delay as an advantage