Console gnasher advantage against pc players

Bullet magnetism needs to go or just let pc players decide to play against other pc players

I’ve noticed the same thing in gears 4 but i was hoping that they get rid of it in 5, and now im here seeing console players pulling off shots with blindfire behind cover that shouldn’t be possible not even aiming at me, once i got killed by a guy who stood next to me and his gnasher barrel was behind my back
It really ruins the whole game for me because i always know they can chunk me way more easily because bullet magnetisn acts like a shotgun choke while my sbotgun usually does 95-98% damage with my barrel in their stomach

This is fundamentally wrong and it makes the gnasher way more viable for console players and really inconsistent for pc players

Either turn on assist on the gnasher for pc players or get rid of it completely or let pc players to toggle crossplay on/off


Where has it been established that console players get more bullet magnetism than PC players?

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Never thought I’d see a post like this.

We’ve had console players moaning that they don’t want to play with PC players, and here, the first PC player I’ve ever seen who doesn’t want to play against console players now.

We’ve come full circle :rofl:

I haven’t noticed this issue in either gears 4 or 5. It sounds more like lag comp to me. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, just that I’ve seen far worse things due to the ridiculous ping limit of 250ms


Gears 4 had no aim assist with a mouse. You really had to have perfect aim with your trick shots, which wasn’t easy. Lancer was easy. But, gnasher shots off cover required greater skill. I know from playing with both a controller and a mouse and I can still do wrap arounds much easier on a controller. I’m assuming 5 is the same way as you can’t put aim assist on a mouse without it feeling strange.

As far as complaints go, I don’t get it. The whole point is that it helps even the playing field. I always say that if a mouse users can’t compete against controller users with aim assist then they should really use a controller. It’s like complaining about handicapped parking being at the front. Just… don’t. It’s not a good look.

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Ya, it makes sense that m/kb would not have aim assist. OP made it seem like console players have different bullet magnetism than PC, which seems like an odd claim.

We need some proof before this conversation can go any farther. Otherwise it is just heresay. Do some basic tests, record some console vs pc footage.

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Imagine getting smacked by console players on pc…


It’s called aim assist lol

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So now pc players are complaining about crossplay LOL JUST LOL MAN


Please understand that subpeloice does not speak for anyone but him or herself. The last thing the PC community needs is someone advocating to segregate them from console players. As HUG3 N3WB has stated, seeing a post like this is bewildering and it’s obvious the OP is not interested in what’s best for Gears but just created a selfish and ignorant thread.

Crossplay is the future.


This has to be the first time I’ve seen this debate begin from the PC perspective, lmao.


I don’t agree with any removal of crossplay functionality, nor that there’s any advantage one way or the other, but I’m still liking this because it’s funny :laughing:


The shots I can pull off now are atrocious. (I play console). I don’t know if aim assist is all of it. The hit boxes must be larger or something.

I just drop my jaw at all the markza and Boltok headshots I get now. It feels so cheap.

But like I said, it doesn’t seem like it’s just the aim assist. Missed longshot completely today and it gave me the kill. I can be a little off with EMBAR too.

This all translates to gnasher as well, no doubt.

Couple that with the fact that players can’t be as fast and unpredictable as they could in GOW4 and you’ve got a game where the skill gap has closed greatly, that’s all there is to it.

Some people love that. I understand. But it’s not what drew me to this game. It’s sad.


Okay so having only played gears 4 and 5 on PC can anyone who plays on xbox tell me what the aim assist difference between 4 and 5. Is it noticeably different, marginally or what? Please let’s get some facts from the xboxers

If anything I’d say fine tune it so that console players don’t feel that they are on auto-pilot… Besides that, being on PC since GoW4 I can safely say that the advantage is still there for PC with GoW5…

From a competitive standpoint, there should be ZERO assists in any ranked mode, not even the behind the scenes ones that people don’t think of. It isn’t as simple as “aim assist”. It’s hitbox size, “projectile” size, bullet mag, etc.

But Gears isn’t a competitive game. It’s casual competitive, like Fortnite or Apex. If they remove assists entirely from ranked, console players won’t have a chance at hitting a top rank, which will lower their opinion of the game. They also happen to make up the majority of the populus.

Personally think they should have gone with damage drop off over distance like most hitscan games do to equalize the long range play and then tone down the assists.

Edit: I was watching this clip and think I know what’s happening. It looks as though the trajectory of the “projectile” (Keep in mind Gears of War uses hitscan so it’s a fake projectile), but the trajectory is based relative to the actual gun and the bullets aren’t just programmed to hit center reticle. That’s why he’s hitting shoulder when aiming to the right.

i play on both and theres no real difference and this game is easier to play on controller then m&k cuz of the movement that has to be done its not just an aim first fps game its more then that .i play vs both and see no real problem vs pc or console players if your good your good and if not then your not plain and simple.

Wow is this post real? A PC player crying about how console player’s have more of an advantage???

Don’t be bad and maybe you can hit those shots too

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The difference in aiming between 4 and 5 is huge. HUGE HUGE.

That’s coming from someone who played 4 exclusively. I did not and do not play any other shooter games. 3000+ hours into 4 so I am very familiar with how the aiming works on that game.

This applies to all modes aside from escalation of course.

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Right so it’s going to get a nerf then at some point