Console exclusive skin?

So you can also get the Kait skin for buying either the console or the controller, but does anyone know if they will make an exclusive console skin for the people who bought it? They did it for gears 4. I would like to see a skin for pre ordering the console.

Only other exclusive I know with the console is the Jack robot skin. Unless they haven’t disclosed all the info yet.

These will not be exclusive for long. Do not buy a console for the skins or even pay mind to it.

Yeah. There were several purchase-related “exclusive skins” for GOW4 like Zombie Dom, Vintage Oscar, Del and Reyna. All were craftable after a year or something. The only other purchase related exclusives were Vintage JD (season pass) and whatever weapons came with it.

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The Gears 5 Seagate storage comes with Ice Block: Lancer, Gnasher, and Snub weapon skins.

It still pisses me off

I don’t understand why they give exclusive skins away to the public. Literally once it becomes available to everyone, NO ONE uses them.

It isn’t fair to those people who had Vintage Oscar. I legit want to know why they give exclusive skins away? Is it because kids complain? There is SO many skins, you will be fine without 1 exclusive skin…Jesus

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Exactly I’ve seen so many people complaining about how they can’t get the skins, a few skins won’t hurt anyone it’s a free plus one with your cool collectible.