Consider this adition to the game

This is a small addition but i think it would be good for the game.

there should be a confirmation screen to leave a social/ special event matches (in the lobby) just like ranked lobbies. liek a "are you sure you want to quit? you will be taken to the main menu’ type of screen. Some times i mistakenly press the B button while moving, picking up , or placing the controller down while in the lobby and it backs me out instantly. We all know Gears 5 isn’t the best with loading times so having to wait for it to load the menu then wait to just back into another game and hope that its not filled with bots is a little annoying. especially when you are in a lobby where people actually stay and everyone in just taking and having fun.

Just a small thought. what do you guys think?

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I’ll bet this has happened to everyone at least once. I hate when I do it and it asks if I want to leave with my squad or alone…(so there is a prompt) and I’m like neither!!

lol ii know right. i figured im not the only one its happened to. i should definitely be changed.